F Is For Family: Will Bill And Bridget Be Able To Be In A Relationship?

Does Bill Murphy have a shot with Bridget Fitzsimmons? F is For Family threw us for a loop in Season 2, and one of the biggest twists was Bill’s sudden crush on his arch nemesis’ sister. Will something happen in Season 3?

Jimmy Fitzsimmons has been a thorn in the side of Bill from the onset of the show. He’s always picking on, pushing, agitating, and annoying, Bill. It’s gotten really bad over the first two seasons of the show. So much that Bill got Jimmy sent to Military School, giving his name while attempting to steal something.

You know that upon Jimmy’s return from Military School, Billy would need to keep a low profile. That wasn’t the case, as Jimmy found a way to harass him. This set up an attempt to hurt Jimmy which ended up with Bill taking him to the hospital.

After that moment, Bill was in Jimmy’s good graces (somewhat). It appeared the beatings and bullying would be over. And, just as Bill was about to step away, he saw Bridget. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they would be a great couple, but it’s never going to happen under Jimmy’s watch.

There’s no way Jimmy allows his sister to be with Bill. Call it being protective or just not wanting his family to associate themselves with a loser, he’s not going to let it happen. Of course, that probably won’t stop Bridget and Bill as they will probably make some sort of relationship behind Jimmy’s back.

If caught, this will likely only enrage Jimmy more, and he’ll probably be more likely to harass Bill. Although, if his sister has feelings for him, Jimmy might have to stop his bullying. I just can’t see this going well for either Bill or Bridget. Both will be under extreme pressure from Jimmy to end it.

What if Bridget and Bill can keep their secret under wraps? They might be able to have a happy relationship with each other. It’s really the first time we’ve seen Bill have a crush on someone (We won’t include Cutie Pie). This is new territory for Bill. Who knows if he’ll be able to keep up anything with Bridget. Still, the issue will be pressing as Season 3 of F is For Family kicks off next year.

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