Riverdale: Did Black Hood Accomplish His Ultimate Goal With Betty Cooper?

Who is Black Hood? For the first half of season 2 of Riverdale, that question was asked more than a few times. But, with the ending of its midseason finale titled “Silent Night, Deadly Night” we may have learned the truth about his identity and plans for Betty Cooper?

Betty Cooper and Archie Andrews finally deciding to join forces as a detective unit which led them to a face-to-face meeting with the Riverdale killer. Black Hood led Betty and Archie to the cemetery where he was waiting and watched as Betty had to bury Archie alive.

With only a moment to think, Betty was able to hit Black Hood over the head and save Archie. As they chased him on the bridge, Archie pointed a gun at Black Hood and before he got a chance to pull the trigger, Sheriff Keller did the job for him. But, was that the real Black Hood that was announced dead? I don’t think so.

We learned the week before in “House of the Devil”, that the school’s janitor was witness to his family’s murder and when Veronica Lodge accused Mr. Svenson of being Black Hood, Archie said no based on his eyes. Now, if we remember correctly, Black Hood has green eyes but Mr. Svenson does not. With that said, why would Archie believe that the man who was shot on the bridge was the original Black Hood?

Mr. Svenson may have been hiding a lot about his past but to try to pass him off as Black Hood was such a weak attempt on a Pretty Little Liars grand scheme of things. Where PLL succeeded, Riverdale fell flat on their face with their big reveal. It was a noble attempt but with Archie constantly getting flashbacks to Hood’s green eyes, it’s clear that Riverdale tried to throw us for a loop. Sorry, but it did not work.

Was Betty The Real Endgame for Black Hood?

One thing that we were able to get from that episode was the fact that Betty may look to take over where Black Hood left off. There was no real reason to keep the hood, but for Betty, she may decide to finish what Hood started. Maybe that was his plan all along. To lure Betty into his sick and twisted game, get in her head and hope she takes the bait. If so, then from the end scene, his mission might have been accomplished.

Think about it. Black Hood wanted Betty to cut all ties with her friends and for a while she did but Black Hood still kept Betty in the loop of his plans even when his plan failed. It was like they were playing a game of chess with everyone watching but no one could see the board but them. From what we’ve learned about Black Hood is that he has good reasoning for things but his methods are those of a raging lunatic. To rid a small town like Riverdale of sinners is good, however, doing so by death is where the problem sits.

Now, we must not forget that there are still bad things going on which leads us to believe that either Black Hood or Betty is not done with Riverdale.




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