NBA Rumors: A Clarkson, Randle Package Could Land Paul George on Los Angeles Lakers?

The Los Angeles Lakers may be forced to use the DeLorean and jump ahead into the future to secure THEIR future. If the NBA Rumors are true then Paul George will only play a single season with the Oklahoma City Thunder and join the Lakers next season. But what if things change and OKC does the unthinkable and moves him first to a contending team? What will the Lakers do then?

Imagine the Cleveland Cavaliers offering Kevin Love and a draft pick to the Thunder for George. If that were to happen and the Cavs reach the NBA Finals, win or lose, can you really see George bypassing playing with LeBron James to watch Lonzo Ball throw up bricks nightly? This is why the Lakers have no choice but to move now on a trade.

What the Los Angeles Lakers can offer Sam Presti is a package that includes Jordan Clarkson and Julius Randle.

A move like this will take the Lakers best scorer in Clarkson and rid them of Randle. For Oklahoma City, it will give Russell Westbrook a slasher and shooter in Clarkson and a true low post threat to pair with Steven Adams on the blocks. The issue for the Lakers will be what to do with Larry Nance Jr. and rookie Kyle Kuzma. If George was to come then he and Brandon Ingram will both start. Ingram has been one of the Lakers most consistent players this year and moving him would be a foolish act unless it’s for LeBron James.

While Magic Johnson believes that the Lakers are still a top destination for free agents, he has missed the memo that no proven superstar wants to start over. This is where the Lakers now are. While Ball is perceived as the future, the rest of the team still has a question mark over their career as a Laker. Randle is on the trade block as well as Clarkson and possibly Brook Lopez. And, how can we forget the contract of Luol Deng?

It’s All About The Future

With all this uncertainty about their future, the Lakers would be wise to at least put in a call to Presti and see what it will take to get Paul George. The speculation is that George wants to come but is he really willing to give up winning just to be home? Not saying that a trade will put the Lakers in one of the top spots in the Western Conference, but a deal should not be done unless George is willing to sign long-term.

If the Los Angeles Lakers don’t move now, they could end up with a bunch of excuses heading into the 2018 season. While Magic can sit and play the waiting game, all it may take is a Clarkson and Randle package to get the job done.

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