Miami Marlins: How big of a scar will be left when Derek Jeter is Done?

As this baseball offseason is in full swing, there have many players going to new teams. However, there is one thing that has stood out too many people in the baseball world including super-agent Scott Boras, and what you may ask is that? Well, it is a complete and utter gutting of a team named the Miami Marlins.

The Marlins have sold off every young piece of talent that many considered a foundation of youth that could only grow. Giancarlo Stanton is gone, Dee Gordon is gone, Marcell Ozuna is gone, Christian Yelich is next on the chopping block — and these guys have pretty much gone for peanuts.

Moreover, the outrage by Marlins fans and baseball fans, in general, have me scratching my head truthfully.

Let us take a step back and look at things this way instead of just jumping to conclusions about new owner Derek Jeter and how he has ruined this team further.

With all this aforementioned young talent, nobody cared! Marlins Park remained empty. the talk on sports radio in the Miami market was all about The U and Dolphins and the Fish were beyond an afterthought.

Yes, I get it when Fernandez was pitching, it did spark some interest. Nonetheless, on days where he was not on the hill, the stands were even emptier than when he pitched. All these great, young talented core players were there — and people just didn’t care.

Now suddenly, they care and say Jeter is gutting this team to cut payroll.

The Miami Marlins are engaging in their own “process.” They haven’t been relevant in 15 years. Good players or bad players, “the fans” just don’t care about baseball in Miami.

Jeter’s idea is out with all the old in with the new. From front office people, who have been around forever, to talented players. It may look bad and be called a baseball pawn shop as super agent Scott Boras said, but will it really hurt?

They shed salary to figure out what the best move is. To gain the most interest from a fan base that is apathetic most of the time. Now suddenly, you so-called “fans” can’t give ownership 3 to 5 years to figure out what they want to do?

Give me a dam break.

As a Mets fan, I know all about this and have trusted the “process” since 1986 — saw what could be the past few years (2015 & 2016) — but with injuries and things that happen as they only could to the Mets, I still sit and watch.

Marlins fan — just shut up and stop pretending you “truly” care. Only a small part of Marlins fans truly care about this club. And when I say small, I mean smaller than the smattering of you who have taken to social media. Mostly to bitch and complain.

Give Jeter time. Now that he has freed up some cap space, who knows what his plans are for the future. I mean does anyone bashing what the Miami Marlins are doing live inside Jeter’s mind or the rest of ownerships heads?

No, you do not so stop acting as if you do! Sit back, shut up, be patient and see what happens.


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