How Does The Newest Disney Deal Impact The Simpsons On TV and The Theme Parks?

Disney has bought 20th Century Fox. Just like the Marvel acquisition, the theme parks come into question. While Disney isn’t going to change anything, Universal Studios might, as Fox owns the Simpsons. And what will become of the show itself?

It’s too early to worry about changing anything. Although, Disney won’t be able to touch Simpsons at either Universal Hollywood or Orlando. The fact is, they can’t touch IP’s already owned by Universal’s parks. But what if they could? What if Simpsons were at Disney parks?

Don’t expect too much different from Disney when it comes to recreating Springfield. Universal did a great job capturing the fictional city at both parks. While Disney can’t be touched when it comes to themeing, they still might not have done as good of a job as Universal.

Still, the thought of Bart, Homer, Ralph Wiggum meeting with Mickey Mouse is something fans of the classic show need to get used to. Does this mean any changes are coming to the show in the future? I’m not sure.

Simpsons, which has been on the air for 29 seasons, might not be in the future plans of Disney. Who knows if they pull the plug on the show at some point in the near future. Unfortunately, even for a diehard Simpsons fan, the show has lacked in recently. Disney might see this and opt to end things.

Another thing to consider is the raunchy humor. While Disney likely won’t tone down the adult overtones of the show, they won’t be producing it under the Disney name. Similar to Touchstone and Miramax for movies, Disney will likely distribute the show under a different, more edgy name.

The Simpsons are an icon in T.V. history. Disney won’t do anything to ruin the show on the television as long as it’s still on the air. The theme parks won’t suffer either, as Disney will take the Marvel Superhero Island approach, and leave the IP’s at the parks. So, while this Disney deal involves the Simpsons, things shouldn’t change too much in the near future.



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