Glow: How Can The Situation Between Debbie And Ruth Help The Show?

Will Ruth and Debbie ever be able to get back the friendship they once had? It is one of the main questions Glow Season 1 left us off with. Is the real drama between the two good for the sake of the other women and the show?

They make wrestling to be a soap opera. We know Debbie came from a soap opera background, and Ruth is a very distinguished actress. The acting in wrestling can sometimes be over the top, but it’s worth it with some classic storytelling from both good guys and bad guys.

The tension between Debbie and Ruth actually enhances the product. There is some genuine animosity from Debbie towards Ruth for sleeping with her husband. As we saw on the shows earlier episodes, Debbie isn’t afraid to jump right into the ring, setting up a free for all between the two. It’s this kind of passion and animosity that gave Sam the great idea of hiring Debbie for Glow.

That personal hatred goes a long way in the wrestling business. For something that the executives produce to be fake, it adds a touch of reality and rawness. And while it took Debbie some convincing to work with Ruth in the ring, that fire inside of her made for some great moments between the two.

You really saw how good of friends Debbie and Ruth were during the beginning of the first episode. It’s possible they can rekindle that relationship in Season 2, however, that’s going to take some time. They can at least be civil when it comes to in-ring work with each other. That’s probably the best we are going to get. It’s a start for Debbie, who wouldn’t dare step into the ring with her at the mid-point of Season 1.

Too bad Debbie and Ruth can’t be friends. Although, that’s how the wrestling business is. You’re acting, and, as long as the in-ring work isn’t slacking, you’ll be just fine as enemies. It can’t be easy for Debbie to see Ruth every day because of what she did. Eventually, she’ll come around and let Ruth back into her life. But, who knows when that will be.



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