Georgia State: Three Keys to Victory in Cure Bowl

Georgia State is headed back to the Auto Nation Cure Bowl on December 16, at Camping World Stadium for the first time since the introduction of the Cure Bowl. Georgia State (6-5) are traveling to Orlando, Florida to take on Western Kentucky University as they look to cap off the season with a bowl victory. Georgia State is in their second bowl game within the last three years, and are looking to beat the Hilltoppers this weekend, and can do so by following these simple keys to victory.

Tote The Rock!
Controlling the tempo of this game will be very important for Georgia State, because unfortunately, they will not be able to keep up in a shootout on the scoreboard. So if Georgia State can run the ball effectively, which they have accomplished all year-long, and play off the play action, Georgia State will be in great shape. But, running the ball well, will also allow the quarterback to run the play action and potentially get a big play off of the run fake.

Stop The Pass!
Georgia State has done a very good job of this all season, allowing under 250 yards of passing per game, and making the opposing team rely on their run game. But they have yet to have faced a powerful passing offense like Western Kentucky’s this year. If Georgia State can make Western Kentucky flustered and attempt to run the ball, when Western Kentucky is only averaging about 70 rushing yards per game, then Georgia State will have the upper advantage throughout the game.

Big Plays on Both Sides!
With the amount of passing Western Kentucky averages, just breaking a pass up, or allowing short yardage, will not be sufficient enough for a victory. If Georgia State can create a turnover one or even two times on defense this will definitely help with their chances of winning. But it doesn’t just stop there, the offense has to make a couple big plays and instead of settling for field goals, they need to score touchdowns. If Georgia State can get some big time plays on offense or special teams to get a touchdown, Georgia State should emerge victorious.

With the aforementioned keys listed, if Georgia State can follow these, along with making sure all their “i”’s are dotted and their “t”’s are crossed, they should emerge victorious. The last time Georgia State meet with Western Kentucky, they were blown out in a regular season Sun Belt game, and are looking to avoid the past, and create a new notch in the history books. Be sure to tune in to watch Georgia State take on Western Kentucky in the Auto Nation Cure Bowl at Camping World Stadium, this Saturday at 2:30 PM EST, and cheer on Georgia State!

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