A Coaster Enthusiast’s Top 4 Wooden Coasters

I’m not a huge wooden coaster fan, but I do love riding one every so often. There are still many I’ve yet to do (El Toro, Voyage), but I’ve done enough about where I can have a few favorites. Here are my top-5 wooden coasters (Not including RMC)

1. Beast-
The Kings Island classic is not only my favorite woodie but also one of my top-5 overall coasters. Yes, it’s rough, but that helix at the end really makes the ride. My only complaint is the two lift hills. Both can take an exorbitant amount of time to climb. Still, Beast is a long coaster that you really get your money’s worth on.

2. Mystic Timbers-
Yup, two Kings Island coasters back to back. Mystic Timbers is more about the experience rather the coaster itself. The theming along the ride is amazing, and quite honestly the coaster isn’t that bad either. You get great pops of airtime. It will never beat Beast though.

3. Ravine Flyer II-
This Gravity Group coaster surprised me greatly. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this so much. It’s fast, goes over a highway, and a few intense turns. These make up the coaster. If it weren’t for Beast being such a classic ride, and Mystic Timbers being such an experience, I’d rate this as my number 1.

4.Boulder Dash-
I did this coaster over 10 years ago and haven’t done it since. It was my first wooden coaster, so I have fond memories of it. To me this wasn’t the coaster that was so memorable (Although it’s really good), it’s the scenery you’re going through on the coaster. The trees and greenery make for such an amazing ride.

I’ve decided to stop my wooden coaster count at 4. As I mentioned before, I’m not the biggest woodie fan. I’ll do them to get the credit (sometimes), but just don’t enjoy them all that much. In fact, two of my least favorite coasters are wooden (Twister, Thunderhead).

I know it breaks the cardinal rule of coaster credits when you don’t ride every coaster you can. And maybe I’ll do more woodies in the future, but they aren’t my favorite thing to ride. So I’ll stick with my 4 favorite wooden coasters. Although, I fully expect that to change when I finally get on El Toro and Voyage.

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