Big Mouth: Can Jessie Adjust To Her Parents Situation?

How will Jessi’s relationship with her parents affect Season 2 of Big Mouth on Netflix? Season 1 saw both her mom and dad go through some serious setbacks and issues. Jessi’s dad wasn’t doing much of anything around the house and Jessi’s mom was having an affair with another woman, partly because her husband was such a freeloader. Will this scar Jessi for the rest of her life, or will she be able to get over it?

Jessi and her mom weren’t as close as you’d think. She was the typical young girl, and as soon as the female hormone monster appeared, Jessi took a much more different attitude with her mother. Of course, she had no idea that her father and mother were in such bad shape, that was until her bat mitzvah.

After fighting, Jessi’s parents were no better off than they were before. Jessi also learned of her mother’s secret affair with the woman. It’s easy to see why a child would be so devastated by her parents having issues, and especially cheating on her father.

Immediately, Jessi took a liking to Jay, one of the shows main characters, and the two formed a bond, mostly because their home life wasn’t too spectacular. We see at the end of Season 1, both Jessi and Jay run away together. Nobody knows where they’ll end up. And this will be a big storyline headed into Season 2.

Jessi went away with Jay as an act of rebellion. Who knows what will come of this. I’d assume that both of them eventually find their way home, but a good part of the first few episodes will be spent with them away. Jessi really doesn’t want anything to do with her family at this point. Not exactly sure how that plays out in the upcoming episodes.

It’s entirely possible Jessi drifts away from her parents and the relationship is never the same again. She doesn’t know how much of a freeloader her father is, nor did she know that her mom was cheating. Things might never be back to normal with her, as she now knows the truth.

We’ve seen a lot happen to Jessi in the first season of Big Mouth. This is just the icing on the cake. We know her parents both love her. Who knows, maybe her disappearance will be what brings them back together. It’s a lot to take in for her. And as she grows into a mature woman, it can’t be easy to understand everything that is going on. But eventually, she’ll adjust, however long that will take.



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