WWE: Ronda Rousey Wraps-up UFC for a Move to wrestling

It all began in November of 2012 when UFC decided to make a directional change within promotions. The company decided to create a women’s bantamweight division. A genius move followed. UFC had a superstar ready to take the stage as the face of women’s MMA, Ronda Rousey. Given permission to go by “Rowdy” from WWE legend Roddy Piper, prior to his untimely death, Ronda was racking up impressive victories in the UFC as her stardom grew. The early marketing ploy seemed a bit obvious. Rousey was put against inferior opposition that would lead to 1st round stoppage victories. For the champ, her PPV buy numbers would climb as new fans were intrigued by her within the UFC.

Rousey was a bronze medalist for the USA in 2008 competing in judo. She dominated her opposition with an infamous armbar submissions. That grew routine for fans to see when Rousey’s fights were aired. By early 2014, Rousey had all the world’s attention as she had crossed into the pop culture scene. Making appearances in movies such as The Expendables 3, Furious 7, Entourage, and on the long-running Saturday Night Live.

As most people know, when you’re at the top, there’s only one place to go but down. The night Ronda Rousey entered the Octagon against a heavy underdog, but experienced kickboxing world champ, Holly Holm, everything changed. Holm knocked Rousey out cold in dramatic fashion. A shocked sold-out UFC 193 crowd had just watched the original women’s champ defeated after 3 years at the top. Ronda did not attend the post-fight press conference and went into seclusion. Thus secluding herself so severely that reports of suicidal thoughts came out weeks after. This is proof that Ronda really was a paper champ. Hyped by the UFC to bolster the value of the company.

After taking a dramatic year off Ronda was back in the octagon again only to suffer another loss at the hands of Amanda Nunes; ending all allure that the champion once possessed as a feared fighter; leading her to ponder retirement from MMA. Should this be the last we see of Rousey in the octagon, she will finish her professional MMA career (12-2) and one well-paid woman with multiple PPV headlines exceeding the 1 million buy mark.

Disputing the enormous impact and legacy that Ronda Rousey has left with the UFC would be plain silly. Her success and sacrifice within the sport of MMA and mainstream UFC has catapulted her into a brand like no other; with that comes many options. Now with a new 5th women’s UFC division beginning, Ronda surely is to thank for the opportunities and respect women are getting in the UFC.

Something Ronda never thought of in the past was being apart of WWE, but the dream could soon come to a reality within the coming days as rumors circle that she’ll sign-on as a full-time member of the WWE roster. Look for a huge rating spike as this brilliant move by both sides seems like a match made in heaven. With Rousey’s abilities, popularity, and personality WWE will be able to further their development of women’s wrestling in a continued successful manner.


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