Marvel’s Runaways: Oh No, Are Karolina, Alex, and Chase Set To War Over Nico?

A war is coming on Marvel’s Runaways and it’s not the one we thought was coming first. After watching “Metamorphosis”, it’s clear that there’s more to this show that murdering parents, basement dinosaurs, aliens, and superpowers. Hulu has done a great job reeling us in and now it’s time to bring the first real conflict to its viewers. However, the war will consist of matters of the heart between Alex, Nico, Karolina, and Chase.

At first glance, the six friends were nothing more but things can quickly change when feelings get involved.

It was clear from the first episode Chase had feelings for Karolina. However, it was also clear that Gert had feelings for Chase. While slight flirting was involved, you could sense the dislike that Gert has for Karolina just for that reason alone. Chase, not sensing the connection that Gert wishes to have with him, still tries to move forward with Karolina unaware that she’s hiding something.

On the other side of the crew sits Alex and Nico. Their connection was the first romantic of the Runaways and what was once so innocent might be the very thing to tear everything apart.

While Chase is doing everything in his power to woo Karolina, we never paid attention that she has actually been doing everything in her power to brush him off. It only came to light in episode six when Karolina, during a moment of clarity with Nico revealed that she wants to become more independent and be with the person who makes her happy.

For a split second, Hulu would have you believe that’s she referring to Chase but the look Karolina gives Nico sets the record straight. Karolina has her eyes on Alex’s girl and not the boy who has eyes for her. But what does this all mean going forward?

Will This Be Their Downfall?

With Chase finally kissing Karolina, he may think he has a shot but in reality, Karolina is just buying time before she drops the real bomb on Nico. However, if that were to happen, how would that affect the relationship between the six friends? How will Alex react to the news that one of his best friends now has feelings for his girlfriend? When it comes to Chase and Karolina, Gert was the one who figured it. But, will she also be the one who tells Chase the truth out of spite?

When Chase does find out, who will he blame? Will he go after Karolina or place all the heat on Nico? If he does the latter, then how will Alex respond if he sees Chase going after Nico? While the friends have found a common ground to stand on, their relationship is still rather shaky. Amy was the one who made them work as a unit and with her gone, it’s almost every man for himself.

With the new revelation about Nico and Karolina, this could be the downfall to work in favor of the parents.


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