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Well, it’s that time of year again, College Bowl season has arrived.  This year my company, WBLZ Media, would like to give you $100 Gift Card if you are the winner in our group.  Sound too good to be true? Well, it is not the only thing you have to do is pick the most bowl game winners and like our Facebook page which can be found here. There will be a lot of good bowl games and some will be more difficult to pick than others.  So here are my picks and a little explanation.


North Carolina A&T (11-0) vs Grambling State (11-1)– Tough to go against an undefeated team here but Grambling fans travel and they play well in Atlanta give me Grambling.

Troy (10-2) vs North Texas (9-4)– Troy was the team who shocked LSU at home in their Homecoming game, North Texas 2 of their losses came from FAU.  I think Troy is the better team and will get the win.

Western Kentucky (6-6) vs Georgia State (6-5)- In a game where both teams average more points allowed than scored. I will take Western Kentucky for the win.

#25 Boise State (10-3) vs Oregon (7-5)- In the departure of Willie Taggart to FSU Mario Cristobal takes over and Boise State will get the job done.

Colorado State (7-5) vs Marshall (7-5)- Colorado State played Alabama and only lost by 18 in Tuscaloosa. I think this team is better than we think and will get the victory.

Middle Tennessee (6-6) vs Arkansas State (7-4)- Same Arkansas State team that dominated UCF last year in the Cure Bowl. They will win and get back to back bowl victories.

Akron (7-6) vs Florida Atlantic (10-3)-  Lane Kiffin has FAU playing some of the best football in the country. I think he keeps it up and moves the winning streak to 10.

Louisiana Tech (6-6) vs SMU (7-5)- SMU boasts one of the biggest defensive lines in football. Because of this, I give them the advantage and the win.

Temple (6-6) vs FIU (8-4)- I know its easy to look at the records but both teams played UCF one allowed 61 points the other 49.  Give me Temple.

UAB (8-4) vs Ohio (8-4)- UAB in its first season back since 2014 they will try to complete the dream season. Ohio not playing well down the stretch I think  UAB wins it.

Central Michigan (8-4) vs Wyoming (7-5)- Wyoming’s QB Josh Allen is a first-round prospect, he will find a way to win this game and go out on top.

Texas Tech (6-6) vs USF (9-2)- Quinton Flowers one of the most underrated players in the nation, will come to play and end his career on a high note.

San Diego State (10-2) vs Army (9-3)-  Army coming off back to back victories over Navy and the Commanders Trophy will win this bowl. It will complete a great season for the Black Knights.

Appalachian State (8-4) vs Toledo (11-2)- Toledo one of the better offenses in the nation will look to continue to balance their offense between run and pass. Toledo wins.

Fresno State (9-4) vs Houston (7-4)- Houston out to prove that their victory over USF was not a fluke. Will get the job done in this one and score another victory for the American Athletic Conference.

Utah (6-6) vs West Virginia (7-5)- This is probably one of the closest bowl games of the bowl season. Still, I give the edge slightly to West Virginia and Will Grier.

Duke (6-6) vs Northern Illinois (8-4)- Duke lost to a bad Florida State team and Northern Illinois kept it close with San Diego State, give me Northern Illinois.

Kansas State (7-5) vs UCLA (6-6)- Draft Prospect Josh Rosen for UCLA leads his team one last time before entering the NFL Draft.  Give me UCLA for the win.

Southern Miss (8-4) vs Florida State (6-6)-  No Jimbo Fisher? No problem right? Wrong give me Southern Miss as some of the players on FSU are still upset about Fisher.

Iowa (7-5) vs Boston College (7-5)- This is the Iowa team that beat Ohio State by 31 they should have no trouble with Boston College.

Arizona (7-5) vs Purdue (6-6)-  Purdue had a better season than most expected but Arizona is slightly better and will win.

Texas (6-6) vs Missouri (7-5)- Missouri Offensive Coordinator Josh Heupel left to become the next head coach at UCF. Texas playing in front of basically a home crowd. Give me Texas.

Virginia (6-6) vs Navy (6-6)- Virginia allows 179 rushing yards per game Navy averages 343 rushing yards per game.  Navy is going to run Virginia out of the stadium and take home the win.

#22 Virginia Tech (9-3) vs #19 Oklahoma State (9-3)- In our first ranked vs ranked bowl game Mason Rudolph will face off against a stingy Virginia Tech defense. Give me Oklahoma State.

#13 Stanford (9-4) vs #15 TCU (10-3)- TCU was a couple of plays short of knocking off Oklahoma for the Big 12 Champ Stanford is a 4 loss team.  Give me TCU.

#18 Washington State (9-3) vs #16 Michigan State (9-3)- Washington State averages 8 more points per game than Michigan State. Michigan State got blown out by Ohio State. Give me Washington State.

Wake Forest (7-5) vs Texas A&M (7-5)- Jimbo Fisher takes on his new job and will face a weak ACC team he should be able to guide Texas A&M to the victory.

#24 North Carolina State (8-4) vs Arizona State- Newly announced Head Coach Herman Edwards will get on the bus and “Play to win the game”.  Give me Arizona State.

Kentucky (7-5) vs #21 Northwestern (9-3)- Northwestern has quietly had a great season and is better than most give them credit for. I will take Northwestern to beat a lowly SEC team.

New Mexico State (6-6) vs Utah State (6-6)- It’s the battle of the Aggies New Mexico State and Utah State. Utah State is the better team and should be able to pull this off.

#8 USC (11-2) vs #5 Ohio State (11-2)- Hard to imagine that Ohio State is going to be geared up for this game as they feel they should be in the playoffs. So give me USC and #1 Pick Sam Darnold.

Louisville (8-4) vs #23 Mississippi State (8-4)- Identical records but we all know the only reason Mississippi State is ranked is so that Alabama could be in the playoffs. Give me Louisville to hand Mississippi State their 5th loss.

Iowa State (7-5) vs #20 Memphis (10-2)- If not for the 2 defeats to UCF, Memphis would be undefeated and be playing in the Peach Bowl but they are not and are now playing an essential home game. Give me Memphis for the win.

#11 Washington (10-2) vs  #9 Penn State (10-2)-  Washington wanted a shot a the Pac-12 Championship but lost out to Stanford. They will be ready to prove a point and beat up on the Nittany Lions.

#6 Wisconsin (12-1) vs #10 Miami (10-2)- Now we get to see if the Big 10 was hype or were they as good as advertised. Miami will take care of Wisconsin and hand them their second L.

Michigan (8-4) vs South Carolina (8-4)- South Carolina is improved but Michigan will prove to be too much. Give me Big Blue.

#12 UCF (12-0) vs #7 Auburn (10-3)- Its time for UCF to put their stamp on the season. It will be a signature win that will forever be remembered in school history. In the words of Erik Kohler Knights Win! Charge On!

#14 Notre Dame (9-3) vs #17 LSU (9-3)- LSU lost to Troy…at home…on homecoming. Notre Dame is slightly better than Troy give me the Irish.

#2 Oklahoma (12-1) vs #3 Georgia (12-1)- In the first semi-final we will see Heisman winner Baker Mayfield take on the SEC Power Georgia. They say defense wins championships but I think Baker Mayfield will have something to say about that.

#1 Clemson (12-1) vs #4 Alabama (11-1)- Alabama the only team who did not win their conference championship game to be in the final 4 and will now face Clemson for the third straight year. Clemson will win the tiebreaker and advance to the National Championship game.

#2 Oklahoma vs #1 Clemson-  In a game for all the marble this year it will go to the Heisman Winner in Baker Mayfield. Oklahoma will be the National Champs.

So there you have those are my College Bowl picks.  Who are your picks?  Think you can beat me? Well sign up for the contest and see.  If you finish first you will win a $100 gift card.



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