John Cena: Can he Become the World’s Biggest Hollywood Star If He Stays In WWE?

Is John Cena the new Dwayne Johnson? I don’t mean anything related to their wrestling careers, but rather Cena becoming a big box office draw. The highest paid actor in Hollywood is the Rock, will Cena reach that level?

Yes, both Johnson and Cena have transitioned from WWE to Hollywood. Although, that’s not why I’m writing this article. Cena has proven he can be a draw on the big screen. We’ve seen him in films such as Trainwreck, Sisters, and Daddy’s Home 2. He has received many praises for his performance in all of these movies.

Now, Cena stars in the animated picture, Ferdinand. It’s his first leading role outside of the WWE produced films he’s been in. In what will probably be a big hit for him, Ferdinand will be just the first of many leading roles for the former WWE Champ. He’s next set to star in the Transformers prequel, Bumblebee, and the comedy Blockers.

It’s really easy to compare Cena to Johnson or Dave Bautista. However, he’s so much more different from the two. Cena, whose main audience is kids, connects with the younger crowd. A film like Ferdinand is the perfect choice for him, as he’s going to draw money, especially given the target audience. As long as he’s in the WWE, he’ll continue to be a cash cow with kids. And that makes him a valuable asset to any movie studio.

I’m sure Cena will generate as much money as Johnson and Bautista have. Will he be the highest paid actor in Hollywood like the Rock? Could be. Will he star in one of the world’s biggest films like Bautista? It’s possible. Both those guys, especially the Rock have an extensive catalog of films. If Cena is to reach that status he’ll need to star in many more.

It’s almost a certainty Cena goes back to WWE for a run with the title. That’s exactly what the Rock did before he became full-time Hollywood. Cena claims he’ll never do that, but the lure of the big screen calls. So, to become the world’s biggest movie star, you’ll need to sacrifice the wrestling world like Dwayne did. Is John Cena ready for that? If he wants to be a mega box office draw he will have to.



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