Fuller House: Jackson Needs To Worry Less About Lola, And Focus On Rocki

Fuller House is set to premier part 4. And while DJ has issues with her love life, Jackson, her son, might be just as confused as she is. He’s got so much to learn about women, but his perfect girl could be right in front of him and he might not know it. I’m referring to Rocki, his Summer School classmate.

Jackson was obsessed with Romana’s best friend Lola, to the point where she needed space after they became a thing. He couldn’t leave her alone. Of course, it’s going to take time for him to get over her. But he definitely needs to start focusing his attention on Rocki.

We know that Rocki’s mom is Gia, a classic Full House cast member that has a history with the Tanner family. Herself and DJ aren’t too fond of one another, so it’s only fitting that DJ somewhat doesn’t like Rocki. Still, Rocki has a sensitive side, as we saw when she was taking care of Tommy and spending time at the Fuller House.

Things with Jackson and Rocki seemed to get better as the season progressed. At first, she was somewhat of a bully, drawing on him when he fell asleep in class. Then they spent more time together, and she started opening up. Still, the Fuller household is quite interesting, so it would definitely take time for her to adjust to that.

Rocki could be a blessing in disguise for Jackson. Yes, he’s still getting over Lola, and might not know how true feelings for Rocki. But like him, she just looking for someone to share her feelings with. Of course, Jackson might be a bit clingy, but he needs someone who will set him straight. And while Rocki has a tough exterior, she’s pretty soft on this inside.

To be honest, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Jackson and Lola, but I’d love to see more of Rocky. They set up a potential love angle with her and Jackson perfectly. We know Rocky isn’t always a tough girl, and Jackson might not even be aware he likes her yet. Given time, the two will get together. I’m sure it will happen in part 4 of Fuller House.



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