Doug Jones: Alabama’s Democratic Senate Candidate Makes History

Doug Jones made history on Tuesday night as Alabama elected the Democratic candidate to the US Senate.

It was a highly watch raced throughout the nation as Alabama’s citizens headed to the polls on Tuesday. It was a special election to replace Jeff Sessions’ Senate spot. Democratic candidate Doug Jones was up against Roy Moore, who is accused of sexually related misconduct with minors and had the backing of President Donald Trump. In the end, however, Jones defeated Moore in a deeply red state, according to CNN and other sites who have called the race.

This race had national attention for a few reasons. To begin with, Moore’s alleged sexual actions with multiple minors caused for many to ask for his recusal. Secondly, Trump’s support for Moore just stoked the fire and brought more attention.

Furthermore, this seat is critical in the Senate as the Republicans hold onto a simple majority. Likewise, this race could predict how the 2018 elections could fall for both houses of Congress. The people of Alabama spoke on Tuesday at the polls. They showed who they wanted. It appears that the deep red state elected based on the person and not party alone. This is something that doesn’t happen much within deep supporter states of both parties.

Roy Moore’s run for Senate appears to have ended. It will be interesting to see how President Trump responds to the results. However, based on his earlier comments about the race and Moore’s opponent, he won’t be too kind.

All in all, Alabama citizens did something most of the nation is celebrating tonight given Moore’s accusations and Jones’ good track record of his own. People of color helped vote Jones in as white voters heavily supported Moore, which isn’t surprising given their political affiliation.

In the end, black men and women made a difference in not only Alabama but across the nation according to the data above. It will be interesting how this race affects both the GOP and Democratic parties as they begin campaigning for mid-year primaries and another round of general elections in November.

It doesn’t happen much. Yet, Alabama elected a Democrat to the US Senate and Doug Jones ran a successful race.


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