Fuller House: The Situation Between Steve And Matt Is Going To Need To Be Addressed By DJ

Will DJ and Steve end up together? As Part 4 of Fuller House approaches, we wonder what will come of the high school sweethearts. And what does this mean for her relationship with Matt?

On the plane ride to Japan, DJ unknowingly admitted to Steve her true feelings. It couldn’t have come at a worse time, as Japan is where Steve was set to get married. We know he’s still got feelings for DJ, as she does for him.

The complicated issue with this is Matt, DJ’s current boyfriend. He’s set to propose to her in Japan. This throws a monkey wrench into everything. Both DJ and Matt make a great couple, but not as perfect as DJ and Steve. Matt would be heartbroken to find DJ doesn’t want to marry him, especially because she’s in love with someone else.

It’s pretty easy to see that Steve and DJ belong together. They’ve known each other for almost their entire lives. It was extremely puzzling about why she chose Matt in the first place. Steve is the one DJ needs to be with. He knows her inside and out and has always been there for her, but so has Matt.

How would this effect Matt and DJ’s working relationship? Seeing as DJ and Matt work together at the vet office, things between the two won’t go smoothly. I’m sure it would be hard to co-exist with this situation weighing over their shoulders. Still, DJ can’t sweep this situation under the rug.

Steve is going to get married. DJ doesn’t have a lot of time to get him back. Matt is going to propose. DJ can’t ignore his true feelings for her. She’s got herself quite the dilemma here. What’s going to happen in Part 4 of Fuller House?

I truly believe that she’ll pick Steve. That’s a shame because I really do like Matt. There’s just so much history with her and Steve that it would be ridiculous to throw that all away, especially when the two have so much in common and care so much about each other. Things will get dicey between her and Matt at work, but DJ needs to follow her heart, and that’s Steve.[DanielTwitter]

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