Duke Blue Devils Basketball: Loss to the Boston College Eagles Exposes Defense

Well, this weekend was not a good weekend for Duke Blue Devils Basketball as they went to Boston College and took a loss in the conference opener. This is the problem with having players who are one and done on your team.  There will be times when you go on the road against an inferior team and you lose. This was the case on Saturday when Boston College shocked Duke and really shot very well from 3. Coach K was not happy and expressed his frustrations during his press conference. Stating “we are not a good defensive team” and we all know when March Madness comes around you better play good defense.


One of the things that makes Coach K such a great coach is his ability to identify and correct issues. So I believe even though Duke lost this weekend I expect we will see better defense as the season goes on. I don’t want this to sound as if I am bashing Duke because they are sitting at 11-1. During that start, they have had keys wins against ranked #2 Michigan State and #7 Florida. This is a bad loss but according to Joe Lunardi, it won’t take them off the top line.  Heres the quote “Duke haters beware. Almost no way the Blue Devils fall off the top line even with loss at B.C. Villanova likely No. 1 overall in next bracket if it finishes off Philly sweep of La Salle and Temple”.

Speaking of the next bracket Duke has 2 non-conference games left one against Evansville and one against St. Johns.  They then jump into the most competitive conference in College Basketball to face off against 4 top 15 teams. Other teams on the Duke Blue Devils schedule include Louisville, Pitt, and Syracuse. Duke is one of the top 4 teams in the nation and if they want to cut the nets down in April they better learn to play defense. Or at least better than they have been and certainly better than the game against Boston College. You can’t let a team shoot nearly 60% from behind the 3 point arc and 50% from the field.


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