WWE: Rich Swann’s arrest should be a blessing for Cedric Alexander

There was some uneasy news that broke in the wee hours of Sunday. As it was reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet’s Ryan Satin, Rich Swann was arrested Saturday Night. The reasoning for the arrest stems from an issue that happens where Swann would end up putting a woman in a headlock and trying to kidnap her. A few hours later, the WWE announced that they were suspending the 205 star. In hindsight, this probably means we won’t see Rich Swann on WWE TV anytime soon. However, the WWE now needs to figure something out quickly.


On this week’s 205 show, Rich Swann was set to face Drew Gulak for the number one contender’s spot. Now that Swann is facing his own issues, the WWE needs to figure out who will replace him. For starters, I don’t see them just handing it off to Gulak. While he certainly is worthy of the shot, it won’t be fair. On the other hand, I don’t just see them handing it off to one of the faces either to replace him. I could see two things happening. We will either see a fatal four way or a battle royal to determine who will replace Rich Swann.

Whatever direction they end up going, there is one person who I would like to see get the opportunity. I have no issue with the winner and the one replacing Swann to be Cedric Alexander. Like Swann, Alexander is one of the staples of 205 Live. Also, he hasn’t had any shot at the title since 205 began. He is very talented and a match between him and Gulak would be great. While replacing Swann won’t be an issue, the WWE also needs to figure out something else. Probably the bigger thing to worry about if I were the WWE is how to explain why they are replacing Swann. If anything that is what will be interesting to see on Tuesday night.



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