Kennywood: Exterminator Is A Classic Wild Mouse That Is A Must Ride For Everyone

Kennywood is home to some fantastic classic coasters. Exterminator, a 1999 Reverchon wild mouse, is one of the parks most underrated attractions. While it isn’t on the same level as Jackrabbit in terms of age and nostalgia, it still has a classic and exhilarating feeling.

First, the facade of The Exterminator is quite intimidating. At first, I thought I was stepping into a Phantom Fright Night maze. It has the look of a bunker. Kennywood gets an A+ for the theming. And it just didn’t stop at the entrance.

The queue line is very nicely put together. Just like the exterior of the ride made you feel like you were going into a bunker, the inside gave you the same feeling. It’s made to be a classified, maximum security setting with TVs and warning lights. It has a rather interesting to look at.

Like any wild mouse, expect a lot of turning, backward, and spinning segments. The part of this coaster I liked was the minor instances of theming around the ride. Of course, you’re in pitch black conditions. It’s hard to see much of anything, but the little things such as the workers in containment suits, and the sound effects really add to the experience.

I’ve done only a few wild mouse coasters. It would be hard for me to rank this to any of them I’ve been on, as I don’t necessarily enjoy them as much as other coasters. There isn’t any major difference between the Exterminator and the other wild mouses. A lot of parks (Busch Gardens Tampa) are enclosing, or have enclosed, their wild mouse’s to give it a bigger appeal. I’d just be curious if that, or some of the Batman mouse’s at Six Flags, are any better.

Kennywood is a classic park. I applaud them for making Exterminator. It’s a nice addition. If you don’t like the more intense rides such as Phantom Revenge, or the classic woodie, this wild mouse is a perfect choice. I’d definitely do this coaster again, but I wonder if my opinion of it would change if I did more indoor wild mouse attractions.

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