Carson Wentz Injury Update: Initial Tests Don’t Show Full Tear

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz had a historic day against the Los Angeles Rams. He broke the team’s season record for most touchdowns with his pass to Alshon Jeffrey. It was his 33rd touchdown of the year and surpassed Sonny Jurgenson’s record set in 1961. Wentz left the game with an apparent knee injury that is feared to be an ACL tear.

However, it appears the Eagles are optimistic about the severity after initial tests didn’t show a full tear. Earlier in the night, Doug Pederson told reporters postgame game there was no confirmed injury news regarding the severity and Wentz would have an MRI on Monday.

This latest injury update according to Ian Rapoport comes after ESPN’s Adam Sheftner reported that the Eagles feared their star quarterback tore his ACL in his left knee. Sheftner added late Sunday that Wentz’s ACL was “loose” during tests. Yet, he reiterated that he will have a Monday MRI.

While manual tests help give initial indicators, MRI’s help show fully the extent of an injury. Monday will be an important day for the Eagles. The team will know if and how long Wentz will miss. Likewise, fans can finally get answers they are nervously waiting for.

With initial tests not showing a full tear, there appears to be some optimism and hope from the Eagles. However, the manual test doesn’t look good. Yet, the MRI will help reveal fully and clear up the uncertainty once and for all.

Once again, all this information are just rumors. However, Rappaport and Scheftner are two trusted NFL sources. Likewise, most of their information comes from within team sources, so their information can be respected. The reports are most likely more than speculation. However, nothing will fully be known until the MRI is done on Monday.

It was a bittersweet win for the Eagles on Sunday. However, the injury news’ blow would soften if Wentz didn’t have a full tear to his ACL.

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