Robert Covington Injury Update: Philadelphia 76ers Small Forward Headed to Hospital

Late in the fourth quarter against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Philadelphia 76ers small forward Robert Covington headed full speed into the stands. He hit the floor hard after attempting to save the ball before barreling over the court side seats. Unfortunately, it took several moments before Covington got back up after being attended to by security and the team’s training facility. Eventually, he walked off the court with help from his teammates but immediately went to the locker room

As seen above, he took a hard fall. There’s a gap between the bench and luxury boxes which includes some sharp metal. It appeared and speculated on the broadcast that he hit that when he crashed into the sideline seating and tumbled to the floor.


There was no immediate news update given by Philadelphia 76ers head coach Mark Brown post-game. He was twice asked if there was any Covington injury news and he said both times, “Nothing”. That seemed ominous as the head coach is usually more transparent when the injury news is more encouraging.

During its post-game coverage, CSN Philadelphia reported that Covington headed to the Cleveland Clinic to be evaluated. Specifically, the small forward’s lower back and upper right hip injury reportedly.

Once Covington is evaluated at the Cleveland Clinic more information will be given by the team. However, it doesn’t look good since he was swiftly sent to the local hospital to be looked at. With this latest news, it doesn’t look like he will play in the back-end of the back-to-back games.

The latest update is unfortunate for the 76ers as Joel Embiid returns to the lineup for Sunday’s game in New Orléans. Before leaving the game, Covington scored 19 points, grabbed six rebounds, and forced four steals. He consistently kept the team in the game with his hustle. His presence alongside Embiid would have given the Sixers a better chance to win on the road.

It was the remarkable hustle to retain possession with the Sixers when he crashed into the stands. Unfortunately, his hustle and hard work may have caused an injury that may keep him on the sidelines for the foreseeable future in the short term depending on his prognosis, which is unknown at this time.


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