Dollywood: FireChaser Is An Experience Not Just A Kids Coaster

Dollywood is home to some fantastic coasters. I’d go as far to say as it’s one of the most impressive in all the country. FireChaser Express, a Gerstlauer, is one of the parks best. And seeing as it’s a kids coaster, the whole family can enjoy.

I’m not too big on kid’s coasters. I’ll admit that this ride did little for me at first. I knew it went backward, and had some great themeing, but I wasn’t too thrilled for it. Damn, was I wrong about this one.

First, the themeing was as I thought, top-notch. From the fire station queue line to the fire engine trains, you really do feel as if you’re in a real firehouse. Dollywood really doesn’t spare any expense.

The coaster itself was an experience. It’s a simple layout with a few turns, basically what you’d expect from a kids coaster. That’s not where the fun of FireChaser Express comes from. It has a few surprises, this includes a fireworks factory set.

This is one of the most elaborate set pieces I’ve seen for a coaster. The fireworks section of the FireChaser Express is a somewhat indoor section with great themeing. The highlight of which is Big Bertha, a giant firework that lights and with an explosion so powerful it sends you back through the entire coaster track.

Going backward on FireChaser Express is quite fun. Thus, it definitely adds a little more thrill to your typical kid’s coaster. That’s kind of the feeling I got with this coaster. It’s not really a kids coaster, but rather an experienced ride for all to enjoy. Even the non-coaster lovers will take well to this because it’s not too intense and offers a great experience.

Of the coasters at Dollywood, Firechaser Express is second behind Lightning Rod. I didn’t expect to like this as much as I did. Sure, it’s advertised as a kids coaster, but it’s so much more than that. More parks need to invest in rides such as FireChaser Express.



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