Denver Broncos: Three things to watch against the New York Jets

50 years! It has been 50 years since the Denver Broncos have seen a losing streak this long. Therefore, this coming week plays an important part in their season. Are they going to make it nine games straight with a loss? Will the streak snap at eight games? This week’s opponent is the New York Jets. Are they a beatable opponent? Yes. Here are this week’s keys for the Broncos to obtain victory.

  1. Offensive Line

Although it is too late in the season, the Denver Broncos offensive line needs to step up its game. They have to be one of, if not the, worst o-lines in the NFL. They currently rank 28th in the league. The Broncos have only rushed for 1,288 yards on the season. Additionally, the opposition has sacked Broncos QBs 39 times and hit them 78. It is no wonder why they cannot complete any passes. They are under constant pressure. If the line can step up its game and show improvement over the next four weeks, it could show promise for 2018.

  1. Trevor Siemian

The Denver Broncos need Trevor Siemian not to turn the ball over. On the season he has 13 INTs to only 11 TDs. They also need him to make big plays. While completing 60% of his passes he is not making the big play. As I stated in the previous key, he faces a lot of pressure. However, making the big plays can be with his arm or his legs. Either way, the Broncos need to see some leadership and big plays from their QB.

  1. Vance Joseph

Is Vance Joseph ready to be a head coach? The good coaches face adversity head-on. They stand up to their assistant coaches when they are incompetent (Brock Olivo). They listen to suggestions from their assistants (Bill Musgrave). Nonetheless, Joseph has had a very bad year one. So bad that he may just become a one and done head coach. He, too, has four weeks to make a difference. Can he? We shall see.

Although the Denver Broncos have lost 8 straight games, they are not 8 straight bad. In fact, they have talent on this team. Especially with their defense. However, when your defense is constantly on the field they eventually get tired and give up points. Hence, a continuous snowball has built to eight straight losses. So, let us hope that snowball hits the wall this week.

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