Big Mouth: Can Andrew Get To Second Base With Missy?

Big Mouth is a show loved by the Netflix universe, mostly for its raunchy adolescent humor. One of the questions heading into Season 2 is whether Andrew will finally get to second base with Missy. He had opportunities with her, but it never came to fruition, despite the Hormone Monster’s best attempts to do so.

Andrew was very socially awkward in Season 1. Aside from Andrew, Jessi, and Jay, he was never his true self around anyone, this includes Missy. Smitten by her, Andrew wasn’t sure how to act around Missy He didn’t want to move too fast, nor did he want to move too slow. The pressure from the Hormone Monster wasn’t helping him in his dilemma.

After Andrew and Missy end their relationship, he became very distant and turned his attention to porn. Andrew became addicted. It was becoming a problem for him, so much that not even the Hormone Monster could stop him. His addiction seemed to come to an end at the conclusion of Season 1.

As Season 2 of Big Mouth approaches, what situation will Andrew find himself in? He’s going to be on the hunt to appease the Hormone Monster. Andrew almost got to second base with Missy, so there will be a lot of feelings for him when around her. Obviously, they both have a lot to figure out before the time comes again, but will either of them be able to contain themselves?

There’s going to be a lot more temptation for Andrew. As he matures, the Hormone Monster will only grow stronger. I fully expect to see him be much more aggressive towards Andrew. We know the Hormone Monster will stop at nothing for some action. With the way Andrew is, he’ll likely give up if he can’t get Missy, and that won’t be acceptable.

It’s unlikely Andrew go out and find someone else because his true feelings are towards her. He’s not exactly the most confident individual, and that’s going to hurt him with the ladies. Getting someone better than Missy, who was on the same nerd level as Andrew, might be hard to come by. This is exactly why I think Season 2 of Big Mouth will see Andrew try to further things with her. Let’s hope he gets to second base this time.



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