WWE: With A Heavy Focus On Women Wrestlers, Who Should they Sign?

Who should the WWE sign? I’ve done these lists before and have given some interesting names. This next list will focus heavily on the women. It’s time for a bigger women’s revolution on RAW, Smackdown, and NXT. I’ll also include a few male wrestlers too. And here is the list of who WWE should sign.

Here’s a classic example of a wrestler WWE let slip through the cracks. A contestant on Tough Enough, Ivelisse is one of the most well-known female wrestlers out there. A former Lucha Underground trios champion, she’s not afraid to mix it up with the men. Ivelisse has also won titles in Shine, Pro Wrestling Revolution among other promotions.

Chelsea Green
Known as Laurel Van Ness in Impact, Green is one of the most talented women wrestlers today. Another former Tough Enough contestant, she’s currently one of the number 1 contenders for the Impact women’s title. Pro Wrestling Illustrated placed her 26th on top 50 female wrestlers for 2017.

Leva Bates
Many know Leva as former NXT star, Blue Pants. With moderate success at NXT before, the company would be wise to offer Bates a more lucrative contract. She’s also the queen of cosplay. So, it’s a gimmick that would fit right in today’s WWE. It doesn’t hurt that Bates is also a top-tier wrestler.

(Now for some male wrestlers)

The ROH star has a cult following. Cheeseburger might not be the best in-ring worker, but he’s entertaining. Only 5’8″, he’s quite small for a wrestler on NXT, but he’ll get over with the crowd. Thus, you could use him well on 205 Live.

War Machine

Hanson and Rowe make up one of the most dominant tag team’s in the world. War Machine has won just about every tag title there is. A mix of the Harper/Rowan team and the Highlanders, this is a seriously good tag unit. They are devastating and dangerous. If WWE wants more tag team’s in NXT or the main roster, these are your guys.


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