Santa Clarita Diet: How Will Sheila React Without A Cure?

We are going to see Santa Clarita Diet at some point in 2018. The big storyline heading into Season 2 is finding a cure for Sheila. It looks promising, but there’s still long ways off, especially without the blood of a pure born Serbian. Consequently, with Joel now locked away in a mental hospital, what does this mean for Sheila?

Joel in a mental hospital doesn’t help matters. We know Sheila is locked and chained away in the basement, and nobody else aside from Abby and Eric knows the truth about her condition. Throughout the first season, Joel was the support system for Sheila. How will she be able to control herself without him there?

The search for a cure wasn’t easy for Joel and Sheila. They found the help of Dr. Wolf, but she’s no longer in the picture. It looks as if Abby will be the one to put the pieces together. Her mom is growing more violent by the day, and her dad is locked away.

I wouldn’t expect Joel to be locked away for long, and if I had to speculate I’d say he gets out at some point in the 2nd season. Still, a lot of this falls on Abby. If her Dad isn’t in the picture, it’s going to be her to find the blood of a pure born Serbian, or control her mom’s thirst for blood.

Sheila has already walked a fine line with her killing (eating), as she feasted on Dan’s body. It almost got her caught. Nonetheless, if the violence and rage only get worse, imagine what else might happen. So, things could get really bad for the family. Locking Joel away is only the beginning.

It’s unclear what will come out of Santa Clarita Diet season 2. I fully expect them to find a cure. However, not before she kills again. Yes, Joel will get out of the hospital, but at what cost? Thus, the blood of the Serbian will be tough to come across. Let’s just hope they find it before Sheila gets too out of hand.



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