Riverdale: Did Jughead and Veronica just push Archie, Betty together?

Fans of Riverdale are torn after “House of the Devil” for two reasons. One was the breakup of Archie Andrews and Veronica Lodge and the other is the end of the relationship between Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones. While fans of the comic book knew this was coming, viewers, on the other hand, weren’t ready. By the looks of things and how it ended, both are easy fixes but should the writers just let it go?

I admit it was nice seeing Veronica and Archie together as they were more of the adult variety with numerous sex scenes while Betty and Jughead were more of the “after school special” variety. But, it wasn’t so much the breakup that left me mad, it was what caused the splits.

What Was The Big Deal?

Betty wanted to be closer to Jughead so she decided the only way was to somehow affiliate herself with the Serpents. All it took was a sexy dance and while that was awfully weird she would do that in front of those people, she had a good reason. Of course, Juggy snapped at her for wanting to be a part of that lifestyle but Jug has to remember, she was the one going the extra mile to help him free his dad. But I guess his memory is short.

As for Archie and Betty, their breakup was one of the dumbest ever. In a moment of passion, Archie whispered those three words to Vee. But, here is where I am a bit confused. Archie and Veronica have shared countless sexual adventures together, she was there for him after his dad was shot, saved his life from the Serpents and yet, the word love was never brought up all this time? Archie was clearly hurt that Veronica didn’t repeat it but hurt enough to act like a child?

In the end, what was a dream in the beginning, may very well become a reality due to utter foolishness.

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