Riverdale approaching Mid-Season Finale

Last night’s episode of Riverdale was the one before the Mid-Season Finale and boy did it not disappoint. We start out the episode finding out that there may be a link between the Black Hood Killer and the Riverdale Reaper. What we found out last night was that there was a murder in Riverdale 40 years ago of the Conway family. We later found out that it was actually a family of 5 but one survived. He would later have his name changed to Joseph Svenson from Joseph Conway.  Mr. Svenson now works at the High School as a custodian. Archie and Veronica figure it out and confront him, Archie eventually figures out it is not Svenson who is the black hood killer.


Later on in the episode, they release F.P from prison on due to it being overcrowded. Penny Peabody says she is not done with Jug and she wants more favors from him. F.P was set to retire before finding out that Jug did a job for Penny which includes him being a drug-runner. Upon hearing this he unretires and shows his disappointment in Jug. Which in turn leads Jug to push Betty away again. Betty joins the Serpents because of her love of Jughead. However, we find her upset and hurt. At F.P’s “retirement party” which turned out not to be a retirement party. Archie and Veronica had a talk about his use of the L word. Veronica figures out that she for whatever reason she is incapable of telling someone she loves them. Archie doesn’t take this too well and it ends up with them breaking up as well.

I can tell you this much both of the boys have mishandled this situation because anger is blinding them. You can read about that here in this article. Next week is the Mid-Season finale and supposedly there is a showdown coming with Black Hood and we will find out his identity. That’s the feeling the cast is giving us.  So now that we assume we are going to figure out who is Black Hood.  Who do you think Black Hood is? And what do you think is going to happen in next weeks Mid-Season Finale? To be honest I believe we will find out it is Polly and Betty’s brother Chic and that there, of course, will be a huge cliffhanger for the next episode.



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