MLB Trade Rumors: Yankees Shouldn’t Overpay in Giancarlo Stanton Trade

It seems like it’s only a matter of time before the Miami Marlins trade away their MVP slugging outfielder in Giancarlo Stanton. But he’s still a part of the Marlins for the time being. Could the New York Yankees be next?

Heading into this week, it had seemed like it was a two-teamed race for Stanton since both teams submitted trade proposals with the Marlins in the San Francisco Giants and St. Louis Cardinals. Reports have indicated that Giancarlo Stanton is refusing to waive his no-trade clause to accept a deal to either team.

Stanton has also reportedly made it known which four teams he will waive his no-trade clause for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago Cubs, Houston Astros and New York Yankees.

Stanton is still owed $295 million in his current deal, something that will make for an obvious obstacle in any trade talks. However, Stanton can potentially opt out of his deal after the 2019 season. So if you really look at it, it may be a two-year deal as opposed to the 11 years still remaining on it.

The Yankees have continued to kick the tires on a possible trade for Giancarlo Stanton; they reportedly checked in on him at this past trade deadline and now remain one of the teams who could be in play for the National League MVP.

The Yankees have the leverage here over the Marlins because they don’t need Stanton. Without Giancarlo Stanton, the Yankees are already a playoff team. Make that a World Series contender with a lot of young talent that will only continue to get better.

With that said, the idea of watching Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge smash home runs out of Yankee Stadium will make fans salivate this off-season. So if the Yankees decide to make the splash and make a run for the reigning NL MVP, what would they give up?

Clearly, Gleyber Torres isn’t an option, as he’s being groomed as the next big prospect to come up. But maybe Clint Frazier, who got some time in the majors last year. If the New York Yankees are going to make a trade for an outfielder, they could possibly part with him.

The one thing the Yankees could also try to do is figure out a way to include a veteran or two in this trade. Buster Olney of ESPN suggested Jacoby Ellsbury. With the notion that the Marlins would waive him after the deal to make him a free agent. That would work since Ellsbury would get the money owed to him and a chance to sign anywhere he wants.

You could also try to include Chase Headley or Starlin Castro in there. However, the Ellsbury contract is the one most would want to be shed. Especially the Yankees, since they are paying him $21 million a year over the next three years. Only to be a fourth outfielder.

Some feel that Giancarlo Stanton could be trying to get some leverage by involving other teams. That his ultimate goal is to land with the Dodgers. Which was the team he grew up liking as a kid growing up in California.

But unlike Shohei Ohtani, Stanton is listing some of the bigger market teams to play for. Ones who are playoff contenders.

Watching Giancarlo Stanton play for the New York Yankees would be a dream for a lot of fans. Nonetheless, he’s not a necessity. So for Brian Cashman, he should not overpay in a trade.

He should definitely watch how things play out with a close ear. However, given Giancarlo Stanton’s current deal the New York Yankees should not gut their talented farm system for one player.

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