Love: Will Dustin Interfere In The Mickey and Gus Relationship?

Have we seen the last of Dustin? Mickey and Gus seem to be content with settling into a relationship, but it wasn’t an easy sell for Dustin, who is obsessed with Mickey. Does he go away quietly, or will there be more from him in the future? What does the future hold for the third season of Love?

Mickey and Gus faced a lot of problems in Season 2. After a long fight and Gus being in Atlanta, Mickey “cheated” on Gus with Dustin. Technically, you can’t call it cheating, as they were never really official. Still, it’s not fair to Gus who was staying faithful to her at every moment.

The Dustin situation really had Mickey optimistic about a future with him. That was until Gus returned from Atlanta, and she immediately fell for him all over again. Mickey thought Dustin had changed for the better, but as we saw, he’s just a very obsessive person that was extremely violent.

Death can bring people together. When Buster (Dustin’s dog that Mickey helped pick) died it was easy for Dustin to swoop in and pick up the pieces of Mickey’s broken heart. Mickey, who was also quite vulnerable let him. As his true colors shown through, it was time for her to move on from Dustin for good. She told him at Gus’s apartment (Which Dustin had no permission to be in) that she didn’t want him.

If you watched the episode, you no doubt had feelings about the situation. My girlfriend thought as he waited on the patio, he might jump and kill himself, that’s how they will end the season. I thought that was a very valid conclusion, but he didn’t and the last shot we see is him walking out of the apartment.

Will Dustin make a return in Season 3? I’m going to say no. Truthfully, I feel he knows where he stands with Mickey and won’t try to win her back. Although, it wouldn’t be surprising if he did try to do that. Something is not right with him, and I feel the issue hasn’t been resolved.

Love Season 3 will look to expand upon the committed relationship of Mickey and Gus. There will no question be trials and tribulations along the way, and Dustin could be a part of that. There’s still time to speculate though, as Love won’t premiere on Netflix till at least February.



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