Iowa State Cyclones: This Team Deserves A Top-25 Ranking

The Big 12 has three teams in the top-25 (Kansas, TCU, Baylor). If all goes according to plan, the Iowa State Cyclones should be joining them next week. (That’s assuming TCU and Baylor don’t drop out) The Cyclones are one of the Nation’s hottest team’s right now. Despite some early season struggles, they find themselves in a comfortable spot headed to Big 12 play.

Iowa State lost their first two games of the season to Missouri and Milwaukee. Both were games they should have won. Missouri was without Michael Porter Jr. for pretty much the entire game. Milwaukee isn’t a team a Big 12 school should be losing to.

That second loss at Milwaukee seemed like rock bottom for Iowa State. They lost by 18 to a lowly mid-major. It’s definitely not how Steve Prohm wanted to start this season, especially after a 24-11 record the previous year. This included a trip to the NCAA Tournament.

Yes, the Cyclones did lose All-American point guard, Monte Morris, but that’s still no excuse for an embarrassing first week of the season. Thankfully, Prohm and the Iowa State Cyclones have found a savior in Junior, Nick Weiler-Babb.

Babb is an all-around player, averaging 13.9 points, 7.8 assists, and 7.0 rebounds. He’s as close to a walking triple-double as you’re going to find in collegiate basketball. Babb is second in the Big 12 in assists.

Under the leadership of Babb, the Cyclones have fired off 6 straight wins. While these haven’t been marquee victories, it’s still a major improvement over the first two games. When a team puts away that many consecutive wins, it’s going to get the AP voters attention.

Here’s where things get tricky. The Iowa State Cyclones score the second-fewest points per game in the Big 12. They’ve had issues scoring against teams that aren’t exactly on the Big 12 level. Therefore, it’s going to be incredibly tough for the Cyclones to compete against the Conference if they can’t score. So, this could sway potential AP voters.

And while the scoring might be an issue in Conference play, Iowa State still has 3 games to fine-tune their offense before the Big 12 season kicks into high gear. And while nobody is saying the Iowa State Cyclones will win the Big 12, they will probably be in the NCAA Tournament. Although, at least next week, Iowa State should be ranked in the top-25. Thus, they’ve earned that.



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