WWE Needs To Give Up On The Jason Jordan/Kurt Angle Program

It’s about time WWE drop the Jason Jordan/Kurt Angle program. It was a somewhat good idea on paper but has fallen flat over these last two months. Unfortunately, Jason Jordan is getting a more negative reaction than positive, and that’s not a good thing.

Jason Jordan is a fantastic wrestler. We saw this during his time with Chad Gable as a member of American Alpha. And for all intents and purposes, Jordan still is a damn good wrestler. His matches as of late have been superb. However, this father/son program with Angle has really dragged on and is affecting his appeal.

During the time Jordan and Angle have formed this father/son team, we’ve seen Jordan turn into this massive crybaby. A lot of the hate for Jordan has come from the terrible booking. Vince McMahon and his writers have turned Jordan into a bitch. It’s really hard to take him seriously when he’s crying or pleading to Kurt for a match or opportunity.

It makes no sense about why WWE even felt the need to pair Jordan up with Angle in the first place. Yes, I understand they both have amateur wrestling backgrounds. It’s just puzzling as to why WWE wanted to break up American Alpha. They should have kept that team around. Pair them with Shelton Benjamin to form the Varsity Club.

I do love Jason Jordan as a wrestler. In fact, I find him to be one of the best on RAW. With that being said, this father/son gimmick has run its course. Nobody really cares about it anymore.(And quite frankly I don’t think they ever did) McMahon needs to give up on this, try to salvage what’s left of Jordan’s career, and repackage him.

To some, Jason Jordan has been a major success. Although, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a fan that believes this. This whole program has been a disaster. It might be time to turn Jordan heel, perhaps that will get some talking. But this Angle/Jordan thing needs to stop, as it’s only hurting both of these guys.



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