MLB Rumors: Rafael Palmerio is pushing to comeback

There’s some talk among the baseball world of a big return. According to the rumor mills, 53-year-old Rafael Palmeiro is trying to make a comeback to baseball. He hasn’t been in baseball since he left the game in 2005  Palmeiro was pretty big in the 1990’s as he played for the Chicago Cubs, Baltimore Orioles, Texas Rangers mostly. During his playing career, he put up Hall of Fame-worthy numbers.


Over his career, he hit 569 homers and drove in 1,835 runs with a batting average of .288. In addition, he was a 4x All-Star player and had three gold gloves. Unfortunately, his career took a nose dive in 2003 due to telling the truth. In 2003, Former Maine Senator George Mitchell was put in charge of investigating what players were using steroids. He would end up releasing the Mitchell report that listed the names of several players. Some of them included Sammy Sosa, Roger Clemens, Mark McGuire, and others. Many of the people who testify would end denying it. However, Palmiero was the only one who told the truth. There has now been some speculation that by him telling the truth, it has kept him out of the hall of fame.

I give him credit for wanting to come back, however, it will not be easy. There’s a reason why you don’t see many baseball players play beyond 45. The sport takes a toll on you. If he were to come back, he would be 53 years old and one of the oldest players. In recent time, the only two players who played into their late 40’s were Julio Franco and Jamie Moyer.  The only one player who played into his old age was Satchel Paige. He ended up playing into his 60’s. The problem that he will face is that the game is much different than when he played. It has become more of a pitching league than a hitting league. When Palmiero played, you were seeing guys hit 40 to 50 homers a year. Now you are seeing guys top out at 45.

However, when I first read this I was trying to figure out why he would want to come back. It dawned on me that he might want to come back to try to get into the Hall of Fame. He figured that he could play a few seasons and get some of his numbers upped. In all honesty, I thought he retired.





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