Cleveland Browns: Fire GM Sashi Brown, HC Hue Jackson is Safe, What is Next?

Usually, coaches and General Managers in the NFL face their fate on the Monday after the final game. However, this week has seen the firing of two GMs and one head coach. On Monday, we saw the New York Giants fire their Head Coach, Ben McAdoo and GM, Jerry Reese. Additionally, on Thursday, the Cleveland Browns fired GM Sashi Brown. They also stated that Head Coach, Hue Jackson was safe. What does this mean for the Browns?

The last win for the Cleveland Browns came on December 24, 2016. RGIII led them to victory over the then San Diego Chargers. Furthermore, their last win on a Sunday came all the way back in 2015. It was December 13, 2015, to be exact. Johnny Manziel led them to victory over the San Francisco 49ers. So winning has not been the cards for the Browns during the Sashi Brown years.

What does this mean for the Browns going forward? Is this, indeed, the end of the money ball/analytics era? How has that worked out for you there Cleveland? Many thought after the 2017 draft class that the analytics may have worked and made them a competitive franchise. Funny, that has yet to be seen this season.

The Next GM For The Cleveland Browns

Reports have surfaced that the search for a new GM began behind the scenes a few weeks ago. Many believe that former Kansas City Chiefs GM John Dorsey is the leading candidate. He was very accomplished during his tenure with the Chiefs.

Other names that have surfaced are Trent Kirchner from the Seattle Seahawks and Eliot Wolf of the Green Bay Packers. No matter who they go with, it has to be better than the previous, right?

The Cleveland Browns are the lowest of the low in the NFL. Having gone 1-27 in their last 28 games. So, if they do not beat the Packers this weekend, they could become only the second team to go 0-16. Thus, matching the 2008 Detroit Lions.

How do you feel about the Cleveland Browns? Is this the right move? Please leave a comment below.

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