Universal Orlando: Mel’s Drive-In Would Be Perfect Candidate For Back to the Future Themed Cafe

I’m all about speculation at Theme Parks. I heard an interesting idea on the Universal After Dark podcast that I’d like to elaborate more on. Mel’s Diner at Universal Orlando has been around for years. Personally, I think it’s time for an update/overhaul of it all. What better way to do that than theme it to Back To the Future.

As many know, Back to the Future used to be a widely popular attraction at Universal Orlando. (If it weren’t Simpson’s themed now, I’d be highly upset by the removal) One of the most iconic films of all time deserves its spot in Universal Orlando, especially given the film is produced by Universal.

While you can’t bring back the ride, there is the opportunity to theme Mel’s Diner to Lou’s Cafe or Cafe 80’s. Both would work out well, especially Cafe 80’s where you could have all the intricate bells and whistles from Back to the Future 2 in the cafe.

From the moving television ordering screens to the 80’s decor, and maybe even Wild Gunman, it just screams theme park eatery. The same can be said for Lou’s Cafe as well, although that might not be as extravagant as a Cafe 80’s as the themeing is pretty much on par with the current Mel’s Diner.

Even if it’s as basic as replacing a few things in Mel’s to make it Lou’s diner. At least that would bring a lot more guests into the park. Now, it’s Cafe 80’s gets its shot to premiere at Mel’s location, that would be a visual masterpiece. You could park the DeLorean and train out front. Getting it away from the beginning of Springfield to a more picture friendly area for both.

For fans of Back to the Future, losing that ride was a nightmare scenario. It sucks not having any kind of attraction themed to one of the most iconic films of all time. Lou’s Cafe or Cafe 80’s might not be the same as an actual attraction. Nonetheless, it’s a good way to pay homage to a cinematic masterpiece.



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