San Francisco Giants: If Giancarlo Stanton approves, the NL West could be different in 2018

It seems that the Giancarlo Stanton era could be coming to an end in Miami.

Since Derek Jeter and his group purchased the Miami Marlins for roughly $1.2 billion, Giancarlo Stanton has wanted out. He wants out of Miami because he doesn’t feel they will be winning the World Series anytime soon. It is worth noting that Stanton is 28 years old. He still has quite a few years left and doesn’t want to waste them in Miami. Since 2012, the Marlins have not had a winning season or have shown signs of improving.


Unfortunately, there are only a few teams who could take him. There are plenty teams who need help in the outfield.  However, many of them won’t be able to take on his contract. Stanton has one of the biggest contracts in baseball as he signed a 13-year deal that will see him making $325 million. There is one team that Stanton wants to go to and is willing to take on the rest of his mega-deal. It has been reported that Stanton wants to head out west and play for San Francisco Giants.

It works out that there is mutual interest and the Giants are willing to take on the rest of his contract. According to Craig Mish, the Giants will be offering several players in the trade. He is hearing that the Giants would send Tyler Beede, Heliot Ramos, Chris Shaw, and Christian Arroyo. The two teams have agreed to the trade terms. However, the holdup with this trade from being complete is the approval of Stanton. This furthers the case on how Stanton was smart and when he signed his mega-deal he got a no-trade clause put in.

The feeling among people close to the Giants is that Stanton will make up his mind by the end of the week. However, there is a feeling that the Dodgers could ruin the possible trade. However, the feeling is that he will probably approve the deal. He enjoys playing at AT&T Park and the fans really like him. He brings a lot of help to the Giants and the move, if it happens, could change the landscape of the National League West in 2018.



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