The Ranch: Given The Terrible Circumstances, How Will Netflix Write Off Danny Masterson’s Character?

Danny Masterson is gone from The Ranch. It’s probably the smart decision considering the recent rape allegations. We know Season 2 Part 4 debuts on December 15th, so it’s not clear how writers will write him off the show. And while it’s unlikely we see him leave in Part 4, let’s speculate about how he might be taken off the show in the future.

1. Rooster finds a Ranching Job away from home

This is the most likely scenario. We know Rooster has been looking to step away from his father’s shadow when it comes to ranching. His time at Newman’s Hill wasn’t what he thought it would be. Beau did end up making amends with Rooster and taking him back but did mention that if he finds something else that he’d take it.

Rooster, being the family man he is, decided to take over Maggie’s bar instead. He’s giving up his love of ranching to support his mother. She also mentioned that if he finds another more prominent job in the ranching field that he takes it. Of course, a lot could change in Part 4, but as of now, this is the most likely scenario.

2. Mary and Rooster get more serious

As Rooster and Mary continue their relationship, it’s possible the two decide to take things to the next level and move away from Garrison. We know Mary’s daughter, Heather, is having Colt’s child, but as the Part 3 cliffhanger told us, that might be in jeopardy.

If something were to happen to Heather’s child, it’s possible Mary and Heather want to start over in a new city. If that’s the case, Rooster might decide to join Mary. This is a less likely scenario, only because he’s probably not that attached to her that he’d do this. Although, it’s certainly a consideration.

Rooster leaves Garrison to help Umberto

Here’s a scenario out of left field, but what if Rooster leaves to help his best friend, Umberto? We know the authorities deported Umberto during Part 3, and Rooster felt somewhat responsible for it. If something comes up in Umberto’s life, could it be Rooster that helps him and his family?

Again, this isn’t a likely situation, but given the circumstances of the Masterson incident, it’s going to be really interesting about how they write him off the show. These are just some situations I’ve thought of.

And while these three examples might not be the exact reason, we’ll probably have to wait until at least Part 5 for this to occur, as Part 4 releases on December 15th and surely the episodes for that season and Part 5 have been shot.

It’s a sad situation The Ranch finds itself in. Danny Masterson’s character (Rooster) was one of the best parts of the show. At least Netflix will keep The Ranch on air, but it won’t be the same.



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