Coco Is The Best Pixar Movie Ever

Coco was the best Pixar movie I’ve seen. There’s now a special place in my heart for Coco. I’m not sure if any Pixar movie will be able to top it.

Where to start on Coco? First, the film is one of the most visually appealing pictures I’ve seen in years. The colors blended so we’ll together, and really made the land of the dead look fantastic. Some Pixar films such as Wall E did a great job of conveying the beauty of the film, but not on the level of Coco.

The music in the film might not be the choice for everyone, but the Mexican influence of the songs was the perfect complement to the setting and story of Coco. Remember Me was perfect as both an upbeat and slower song, and the latter version summed up the film’s message and tone perfectly.

As far as the characters go, Miguel, the film’s lead, was hard to not love. You really understand the passion he has for music. There were others such as Hector, who just wanted to see his family on the Day of the Dead. His character starts off a tad slow, but by the middle of the film you are behind him 100 percent.

I can see how some might not like this movie though, as the subject might go over kids heads. And there might not be a signature character for the young ones to gravitate towards. Although, like almost all Pixar films, Coco can relate well to adults as well as kids. I really don’t see why both can’t enjoy this movie. It’s going to draw you in and not let go.

Whether you’re young or old, this is the perfect film. It’s message of family always having your back is so true, especially in today’s world. Don’t miss out on Coco. Yes, some might not share my view as the best Pixar movie ever made. But when it comes to pure movie making, this will be an instant classic.

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