Arrow: Why everyone on Team Arrow should be a suspect as the mole

There seems to be a mole on Team Arrow. While Oliver and team have been through everything imaginable during their time together, a snitch has never really penetrated their ranks. Well, if you count Evelyn, but she was never really a strong factor. With the FBI coming down on Oliver, it seems that someone has leaked information about the truth about his identity.

If this is true then the finger-pointing will begin and this could be the end of Team Arrow as we know it. But, who could it be and for what reason? Let’s play the finger-pointing game ourselves.

Felicity Smoak: Can’t be. To snitch on Oliver would be throwing him in jail, thus taking him out of her and William’s life for good. And, not to mention that they were recently married. So, Felicity being the mole has no legs.

John Diggle: For all their years together, maybe, just maybe there is a hint of jealousy there. John has tasted what it’s like to be the Green Arrow and may want that power for himself.

Rene Ramirez: What if the FBI told Rene they could grant him custody of his daughter if he told the truth about Oliver? While it will take Oliver away from his son, it will grant Rene the one thing has he been fighting for– his daughter.

Dinah Drake: This is a tough one as she has a secret identity as well as a member of the Starling City Police Department. But, what if the FBI has caught on to her and threatened to expose Dinah for her dealing with the Green Arrow? Will snitching on Oliver give her a new lease on life?

Quentin Lance: Would he sitch on Oliver? I doubt it as he looks at Oliver as the son he’s never had but then again, Oliver has caused his family plenty of grief over the years. While outing Oliver will hurt and cause a riff between Quentin and Sara, this could be a form of payback for the Lance family.

Curtis Holt: Curtis has always looked at Oliver as a mentor and with him being so close to Felicity, I cannot see Curtis as the mole. But, what if the FBI has leads on his ex-husband and by snitching, Paul is willing to take him back if he gives up the crime-fighting life?

Thea Queen: I mean, how messed up is the Queen family? Let’s not forget that Thea is straight out of a coma and maybe she’s not the same. From being a party girl to trained assassin to being killed to brought back alive, she has been through a lot. What if she wants her brother out of this vigilante life for good?




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