The Ranch: Danny Masterson is out

It seems that every week we are seeing another actor off a show because of allegations. We have seen such actors like Kevin Spacey, Louis CK, and Harvey Weinstein lose their jobs because of allegations. The trend doesn’t end at them. As first reported by TMZ, Danny Masteron will no longer be on the show The Ranch. 

The announcement came on Tuesday. Danny Masterson was removed from the show was due to many rape allegations that have been brought against him. As they keep coming in, the actor will still deny any wrongdoing. If you recall, there were some issues with his publicist a few weeks ago when she made some interesting comments about Masteron. Personally, I don’t like to see someone lose their job. However, when they do something wrong, then I am all in favor of it.


Netflix, the company that produces the Ranch, already stated that his last day of filming was on Monday. This all stems from four women who have come out and accused him of rape. There was one woman who filed a police report in 2004. She claimed that Masteron raped her while she was not conscious. The three others, all members of Scientology, and they claimed that the church scared them into not saying anything. However, it seems that Masterson isn’t quite thrilled with being written off.  

This was the second hit show for Danny Masterson. From 1998 until 2005, he was apart of the hit show That’s 70 Show. I feel that this was the right move for Netflix to do. If they stood behind him and kept him on the show, then there could have been a chance that the popularity of the show could have gone down. So instead of having the entire show fall, they made the right move in removing him from the show. I would be very curious to see how the writers further the show when they start production in 2018.



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