New York Giants: Why Eli Manning starting on Sunday isn’t smart for several reasons

It is safe to say that this week was interesting for  the New York Giants. The festivities began with a 24-17 loss to the Oakland Raiders on Sunday. It would then be followed up on Monday when Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese were let go. If you thought that wasn’t enough, they would also announce that Eli Manning would be reinstated as the starter. As a Giant fan, I don’t think this is the right move.

There are several reasons why I don’t feel this is what the Giants should do. For starters, he could screw up April. It is obviously clear that the Eli Manning era is slowly wrapping up. As of now, they are in a prime real estate to land one of the top quarterbacks in the 2018 draft. What happens if Eli Manning comes in and all of a sudden they win a few games. Their last set of games include the Eagles, Cowboys, Cardinals, and Redskins,  On paper and with a decent team, the Giants can go 2-2 in there last four. Unfortunately, you don’t want to win any more games now because you want to stay at the top of the order.

Another reason starting Eli Manning isn’t smart is he isn’t part of your future. As I mentioned before, the Eli Manning era is probably wrapping up. Since this season is a wash, why do you want to risk him to possible injury?You have a weak offensive line and no protection for Eli Manning. The teams you have coming up have decent defenses that would have a field day with Eli. Also due 2017 season has no meaning, I see no problem with starting Davis Webb. I am aware that he hasn’t had any time to practice with the first team, but I would give him a shot. If you don’t give the kid a chance, then why in the hell did you draft him then. The Giants are doing to Webb what the Jets are doing to Hackenberg. They aren’t giving him any shot.

It would not look good if the Giants do go ahead and draft a Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, or Baker Mayfield without seeing what they have in Davis Webb. This is why I am saying to start him sometime this season due to the fact that he may not have a shot next season. My last reason for why starting Eli Manning isn’t smart is simply. If you look at this from a moral standpoint, I wouldn’t trust the Giants if I were Eli Manning. Also, I am a firm believer that starting Eli Manning again right after McAdoo was interesting. What this shows me is that McAdoo had it out for Eli Manning. He figured it would be easier to through the blame on his quarterback and not take the responsibility.




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