New York Giants: Jon Gruden May Want to Return for Head Coaching Job

Ever since Jon Gruden left the NFL head coaching ranks in 2008, his name has been virtually tied to every single head coaching vacancy possible. On Monday night during the broadcast of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals, Sean McDonough asked Jon Gruden if there was an interest in coaching the New York Giants now that they will have a head coaching vacancy due to Ben McAdoo’s firing.

At first, Gruden tried to side-step the question. But after Sean McDonough kept pressing, he got him to leave a telling response; one that has the fan base of the Giants buzzing less than 24 hours later.

“I’d consider it if Eli (Manning) comes back.”

It’s not like he was off the air and having a conversation with someone where nobody was around. Millions of people around the world were watching last night’s game and heard his direct comment that implies that he would have some interest in the Giants job if John Mara came calling for him in January.

Gruden has been with ESPN covering Monday Night Football since 2009, which is less than a few months after he departed from coaching his last team in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

When Gruden was coaching, he was very popular with the fans and had some comparisons to John Madden since he was a young head coach who won a Super Bowl before his 40th birthday and didn’t have many losing seasons attached to him.

Before he won a Super Bowl, he coached the Oakland Raiders for four seasons. Thus, becoming a rising star in the coaching world. Going 38-26 in four seasons before he moved on to take over for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

All it took was one season for Jon Gruden to deliver a Super Bowl; they destroyed the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XXXVII. Some wondered if Gruden really had any impact on the team considering it was the team Tony Dungy built for years. Plus Gruden had the playbook of Oakland cold since it was literally his offense and Bill Callahan didn’t change anything in the game.

With that said, Jon Gruden still has a Super Bowl on his resume. It’s why his name (along with Bill Cowher and Nick Saban) is literally mentioned for every single vacancy that ever pops up over the last 8 years.

Gruden was offered the chance to take over the Indianapolis Colts last season, as they have looked to part ways with Chuck Pagano and they wanted to see if coaching Andrew Luck would lure Gruden out of the broadcasting booth, but he turned them down.

Gruden has been out of the game for a while. Some wonder if the 54-year-old former head coach would even be an improvement for the New York Giants. (But then again, anything would have been an improvement over Ben McAdoo.)

With that said, Jon Gruden is an established head coach with a track record and a championship to his name. The Giants may need to turn to an established name. Especially after watching the one-time top assistant coach in Ben McAdoo bust out in 2017.

A proven head coach might just be what the New York Giants need to fix what Ben McAdoo ruined. Jon Gruden is just that.

Is he the right head coach for the Giants? Who knows. He has made it clear that he would show interest if Eli Manning remained with the team. Which most of the fanbase will like to hear since they were angry over his recent benching by McAdoo.

Will John Mara give Gruden a call after hearing his latest comments on national television? It remains to be seen. The Giants failed to call Jon Gruden they looked to replace Tom Coughlin in January of 2016. Nonetheless, maybe John Mara considers things differently in his next head coaching search.

One thing is for sure, Gruden definitely didn’t shoot down the idea on Monday night.

So let the month-long speculation on the New York Giants and Jon Gruden begin.


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