The Kardashians: Is Blake Griffin Another Casualty Of The Kardashian Family Curse

The Los Angeles Clippers can blame the injury to Blake Griffin on a freak accident, but we all know better. What happened to Griffin can be pointed to the black cloud that has hovered over the Clippers franchise or the Kardashians. Yes, I know that sounds harsh but think about it for a moment. When has any male benefited from dating one of those women?

Let’s start from the beginning. There were rumors circling that Kris Kardashian had an affair with O.J. Simpson in which Khloe Kardashian was born out of. If that’s true then O.J. was the first casualty as he wound up going on trial for murder. Moving along to the most famous of the Kardashian women, Kim Kardashian. Kim dated aspiring singer Ray J and from that relationship, the Kardashian name was born into the spotlight.

While Kim went on to become famous, Ray J didn’t have the same luck she did. He managed to drop a few hits but his career is more C-level success with stints on VH-1 reality shows. After Ray J, Kim dated a few other notable people who were in the spotlight. Remember Nick Lachey? He made a name for himself while a member of 98 Degrees, but fame hit after he married Jessica Simpson. Well, it’s safe to say that his career has not been as refined since he and Kim split in 2006.

What about Reggie Bush? He was one of the greatest running backs to come out of college and while he did win a Super Bowl while dating Kim, he never lived up to the hype he had while attending USC. Then we have Kris Humphries. At the time, Humphries was a respected NBA player but after the Kardashian marriage fiasco, Kris has faded away. Which now brings us to Kanye West. Kim and Kayne are married but at one point before the marriage, Kanye was one of Hip Hop’s most powerful producers and artist. But, his music has lacked substance since and he’s known throughout the industry as a nut job. It’s safe to say that Kanye’s career has never been the same since he got with the Kardashian family.

Khloe has had a few men in her life but none more appealing that her marriage to Lamar Odom. At one point, they seemed like the perfect couple but not even Odom could escape the black could of the Kardashian curse. From drugs to brothels, Lamar traveled down a path that removed him from the game he loved to near death. After Lamar, Khloe started dating James Harden. With Harden in the middle of a possible MVP season, he saw the writing on the wall and decided to break things off. Now, Khloe has her hooks in Tristan Thompson of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Just so happens, this relationship took off after Thompson signed a massive $82 million deal. At the time, Thompson was a starter on the Cavs but since Khloe came around, he lost his spot to Kevin Love and is now a reserve engulfed in trade rumors.

Moving on to the women who were supposed to break this vicious cycle, Kylie and Kendall Jenner. Kylie was involved with rapper Tyga for some time but once they got together, Tyga’s career just vanished. There were reports of bankruptcy and he living off Kylie but needless to say, the Kardashian curse may have him as well. As for Kendall, she dated Los Angeles Lakers player Jordan Clarkson and with that came whispers of Clarkson being traded. Since then, the relationship has ended which brings us to poor Blake Griffin.

Griffin and Kendall are now an item and nothing has gone right since. First, he lost his teammate Chris Paul in a trade, signs a big deal, and has to listen to rumors about DeAndre Jordan being traded and then the injury. If Blake knows what’s best for him, he would back away now before something really crazy happens.

While the women are beautiful, it’s just something about them that tends to wreck havoc on every man’s life they meet. Name one man who has had a great run while attached to this family. Bruce Jenner had a chance but they drove him so crazy he turned into a woman. And, let’s not forget Scott Disick who has been turned down by Kourtney for marriage a few times.

Not here to blame everything that’s wrong in the world on the Kardashian’s but let’s be honest, if it walks and quacks like a duck…

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