Seattle Seahawks make statement in primetime against the Philadelphia Eagles

The Seattle Seahawks moved back into a wild card spot and with a statement win over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday Night Football. Seattle held Philadelphia to a season-low 10 points in the primetime win. It was a close game for most of the night before the Eagles fumbled the ball out of the end zone. Carson Wentz’s fumble turned into a turnover and gave the ball back to the hosts in the third quarter. This play was critical as the Seahawks pulled away shortly after.

Philadelphia had a chance to clinch the NFC East title with a win. However, the Seahawks showed up when it mattered by getting to Wentz and preventing big scores down the stretch. Wentz had two unbelievable throws on one drive to score a touchdown, which gave the Eagles a chance to come back, but the defense used their home-field advantage to prevent a late blown lead.

Russell Wilson danced around the Eagles’ defensive line on multiple occasions to extend the play and drives longer. This forced the Eagles’ defense to remain on the field for larger periods of time than that is ideal. As a result, the defensive unit looked gassed as Wilson and company marched down the field. There were multiple occasions where Seattle players were wide open on passing plays.

While the Seahawks were favored in this game, the records gave the Eagles an advantage. The final scoreline isn’t indicative of how the game played out from start to finish. Sunday’s game was tighter than the scoreline but a few key plays, like Wentz’s fumble on the one-yard line, kept the Seahawks in the driver’s seat all night long.

Not only did Sunday’s win showed other NFL teams that the Eagles are beatable despite their long win streak, but the Seahawks impressed on national television. They are currently a wild card team and held a usually red-hot Eagles offense to a season-low 10 points. Likewise, the offense was on point for most of the game. Wilson showed yet again why he’s one of the league’s best players under center.

All in all, Sunday’s win kept the Seahawks in control of their playoff hopes. They currently sit in a wild card spot but that could easily change come next week. Seattle needs to take the positives from this game and look to repeat them. Sunday’s game was a statement win but if they lose next weekend, then the team could be kissing playoff chances goodbye depending on how the full slate of games play out. They played well at home against one of the league’s best teams. Yet, they can’t get too cocky or put too much weight into one game’s result.

Don’t sleep on the 8-4 Seattle Seahawks. A loss would have moved them out of the playoff picture. Instead, they showed NFL fans and analysts they can play with and beat anyone when they are at their best. As a result, they sit above the Carolina Panthers for the fifth seed.

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