Denver Broncos: Good, Bad, WTF against the Miami Dolphins

The Denver Broncos are in the middle of the longest losing streak in 50 years. They have lost eight consecutive for the first time since 1967. That year that lost nine in a row. The team has also lost all six games on the road this season. That is the first time since 1964 for such a streak. They went 0-7 on the road that year. In addition, the Broncos (3-9) assure themselves of their first losing season since 2010. That year they finished 4-12. Finally, this is only the sixth time since Pat Bowlen bought the team that the Broncos have suffered a losing season. What went wrong on Sunday to continue this streak? The Good, Bad, and WTF will tell you.

The Good


The Denver Broncos have to damn near perfect in every aspect of the game to win. That is not even close at this stage of the season.

The Bad

  1. Trevor Siemian

Siemian was one of our keys to victory. While I believe that Siemian has the intangibles to be a decent QB in the league, he failed to show them on Sunday. I also do not think that his poor play is due to his not being an NFL caliber QB. There is a lot more wrong with this tea. Nonetheless, on Sunday Siemian did not help himself in any way. Two of the three interceptions were not his fault. Tip passes, more often than not, fall into the hands of the defense. The read on the out route to Emmanuel Sanders was a bad read and pass. However, Siemian did not do enough to warrant not being on this list.

  1. The Defense

The defense of the Denver Broncos is gassed. They have to defend way too much. This, in turn, is giving opposing offenses the ability to score at ease. The Miami Dolphins are not a prolific offense. There is no way they should put up 35 points and almost 400 yards against the Broncos defense. That is a result of a crappy offense and tired defense.


  1. Isaiah McKenzie

What in the blue hell is Brock Olivo and Vance Joseph thinking when putting this player back on punt returns again. McKenzie is a fumbling machine. I do not care about trying to get his confidence back or anything right now. There is no way he should see the field again on 4th downs unless he is a gunner covering punts. This a total lack of competency.

  1. Vance Joseph

Joseph makes the WTF list AGAIN! He has no direction at this point. In fact, he could be looking at his final four games as a head coach in the NFL. I am not one to condone one and done, however, the Broncos have too much talent to be a 3-9 football team at this point of the season. So, if Joseph is not gone, there will for sure be a staff cleansing underneath him in 2018.

The Denver Broncos are the fourth worst team in the NFL. At 3-9 it may only get worse. With games against the New York Jets, Indianapolis Colts, Washington Redskins, and Kansas City Chiefs a 3-13 season could be in order.

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