Alabama Crimson Tide: Never Wake A Sleeping Giant

On Sunday, the College Football Playoff Committee committed a grave error. Somehow, they managed to let the Alabama Crimson Tide football team into the playoffs and with it, all hope for any other team. I understand that Alabama didn’t play for their Conference title, but did they really have to? You can point to their so-called “soft schedule” compared to others but when it was time to handle their business, did they not do so?

Yes, Auburn did beat Bama two weeks ago but Auburn finished the season with three losses compared to only one by Bama. At what point was Auburn supposed to get in? The same argument can be made for Ohio State. Although they did win their Conference Championship, they did so from the 8th spot.

For a week, the Tide had to sit on their hands and watch as their fate belonged to someone else. But, Saturday didn’t start to well as teams they needed to lose, came out victorious. But then it happened, the football Gods smiled down and Nick Saban yet again and granted him wish No. 1 and wish 1A. Of course, the first order of business was to get invited. But once that happened, it was a matter of who would they face. The Clemson Tigers still held on to the No. 1 spot, thus resulting in wish No. 2 being granted– a rematch.

Last year, the Tigers beat the Tide in a classic Championship battle. But, there will be no Deshaun Watson or Mike Williams making spectacular plays. While the Bama defense is not as strong as it was a season ago, they’re still more than capable of holding their own. It will take the game of Jalen Hurts career to pull this victory out but after their defeat at the hands of Auburn which almost knocked them out, his state of mind has to be redemption.

As much as fans across the globe will scream foul play at the committee, this is what CFB needs. Ohio State would’ve been a great draw but inviting Bama adds more intrigue to the playoffs. What’s better than a rematch? What’s better than Nick Saban trying to break the omen he’s faced his whole career? There are certain athletes or teams you never want to see pissed off. Just so happens that Saban is one of them. It’s one thing to lose in the title game with no chance at redemption but it’s entirely different to lose then get another shot. This is like Michael Jordon missing that famous last shot in Utah but getting another chance to correct a mistake.

OSU fans can cry all they want but in the end, the right decision was made.

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