Could Season Five be the last for Agents of Shield?

Now that Agents of Shield is in it’s fifth season, could it be it’s last? Having reached the milestone 100th episode this year AOS should be considered for syndication. Even though the small screen adaptation shares the same universe as it’s more popular MCU counterparts it has had it’s shares of ups and downs. There have been many rumblings over the years about cancellation. Last season the show had arguably it’s best story to rebuild confidence going forward. However, is the writing on the wall that season 5 could be their last?


One of the most important things to look at is Agents of Shield’s movie counterparts. The show started off as a second-screen story for whatever movie was in the theater at the time. With guest appearances by Sif (Jamie Alexander) and Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) Agents of Shield got off to a hot start as fans couldn’t wait to get more of the MCU. However, quickly after the show runners and studio decided to distance themselves from their cinematic universe and let the show stand on it’s own two legs.

While they’ve gone on to great things with the L.M.D. and Ghost Rider storylines, we’re left wondering if it was enough to save the show? Season 4 may have reignited fans love for the show, but is it too little too late?

With a two-hour season premier, Agents of Shield is going all in hoping to pick up where season 4 left off. The team finds themselves thrust into space outside the confines of the traditional storyline. While the show has dabbled a bit with other planets and alien races the timing of it seems a little odd.

As we all know, Avengers: Infinity War is on the horizon and it seems it will change the entire shape of the Marvel Universe. Coincidentally, Infinity War’s main villain Thanos hails from space and leaves doom and gloom wherever he goes. Which leaves us wondering, did Agents of Shield travel to space to tie into the movie as their finale send off, or are they in space as a way to keep the team from the path of destruction left by Thanos? We’re hoping it’s the latter of the two, taking the team off the map and returning them to a world they’re unfamiliar with.

Agents of Shield has been popular among die-hard fans but has been hit or miss with the casual viewers. ABC has had a very short leash with their underperforming shows and could’ve been hanging on just long enough to qualify for syndication and riding out the storm. Hopefully that’s not the case as we still secretly want to see Coulson and crew crossover someday to the big screen.[RickTwitter]


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