Incredibles 2: Can Pixar Produce Another Successful Sequel?

As we anxiously await Incredibles 2 to hit theaters in June, the anticipation will be through the roof for some. Pixar is no doubt going to have a hit on their hands. What can we expect from the film? What do the geniuses at Disney and Pixar have up their sleeves when it comes to the movie?

Judging by the teaser trailer, we know the writers will place a heavy focus on Jack-Jack. The youngest of the family of superheroes, he wasn’t given much in the original film. We know now that he can shoot green lasers from his eyes. There was also the end scene of the trailer where he sneezed fire and lightning.

From what promotional clips and art have shown us, it also appears Frozone will play a bigger role in Incredibles 2 as well. While not a major character in the first, he wasn’t non-existent. Popping up from time to time, Lucius Best (Frozone) was a best friend to Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible).

It’s yet to be known who the villain in Incredibles 2 will be. Its obvious Syndrome won’t be making an appearance, as he met his fate during the first film. Although, it’s not out of the question that he appears at some point via flashback.

The IMDB credits list John Ratzenberger as the Underminer, a character who appeared at the end of Incredibles 1. If he’s indeed the main villain, this would mean Incredibles 2 would take place immediately after the first. I’d expect the opening scene to feature some sort of continuation of the Underminer’s story, but not the entire film. It’s likely Pixar will want to change-up the villain in this film.

So what’s the deal with Dash, Violet, and Elastigirl (Helen Parr)? I’d guess they take on the majority of the action and fighting in the movie. Mr. Incredible is said to be out of action for a majority of this film, leaving him to care for Jack-Jack. My guess is by the end he’s back into the mix along with Jack-Jack fighting crime.

It’s a long way until June. We’ve still got a lot of time before The Incredibles 2 hits theaters. Until then, it’s just pure speculation about what the film will bring to the table. Will it be better than the first? It’s certainly looking like a good bet.



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