Avengers: Infinity War – 10 Questions From Watching Film’s First Trailer

After a wait that felt like forever for Marvel fans, the studio finally dropped the first official trailer for Avengers: Infinity War this past Tuesday. Fans did not wait to eat up the two minutes and 24 seconds of footage. They viewed the trailer over 230 million times in 24 hours. That my friends is a new record.

Now, before we get into things here, let’s start with the trailer itself. If you have not yet viewed the trailer, please do yourself a favor and watch below. As for those of you who have seen it, likely multiple times, do yourselves a favor as well, and watch it again.

It’s ok, the article is not going anywhere. Enjoy the trailer and then scroll down below when you finish viewing.

Alright, welcome back. With Infinity War not set to hit theaters until May 4, 2018, there is still plenty of time for fans to speculate on a number of topics. Now that MCU fanatics have some footage to go off of, those talks are sure to kick into high gear. Expect to see questions asked each and every day.

Below you will find several of those questions, all of which stem from the trailer. Feel free to weigh in on the comments with any other questions or thoughts you may have!

Do all the Asgardians die?

The last we saw the people of Asgard, they were all aboard a spaceship with their new king, Thor. The ship also had the likes of Heimdall, Hulk, Loki, Valkyrie and Korg on board. Based on a clip from the trailer, things are not looking too good for those Asgardians.

We see a number of them lying motionless on the ground, as Loki steps over the bodies. It looks like all of those visible are dead. Given this film is set to see plenty of destruction, paired with the first credit scene from Thor: Ragnarok, things are looking very grim for Thor’s people.

What happens to Heimdall, Valkyrie, Loki, and Korg?

As noted above, there are quite a few big names onboard that spaceship at the end of Ragnarok. We know Thor ends up with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Hulk crash lands on Earth, going through the roof of the Sanctum Sanctorum. But what about everyone else?

Loki appears to hand the Space Stone to Thanos, possibly saving his life in the process. Valkyrie is too new and big a name to be killed off, meaning she might be taken, prisoner. Heimdall’s death has been speculated for quite some time now, so he may meet his end at the beginning of the film. Korg, a breakout star in Ragnarok, could certainly be killed off as well. But everyone really hopes that is not the case.

Will Spider-Man be sidelined for most of the film?

Spider-Man is just a kid in high school wearing a cool new suit. So putting him up against the Mad Titan, who will be wielding an extremely dangerous weapon, likely means bad news for Peter Parker. We see him spring into action when a giant space ring appears in the New York sky. A few shots later, after Thanos arrives, he is seen slamming Spidey into a wall.

In the footage shown at Comic-Con, Peter is seen beaten, telling Tony Stark he is sorry. The leading theory is this happens after he springs into action in the early going of the movie after he fails to stop Thanos. This could easily leave Peter injured from the get-go. Given how much will be going on in this film, poor Peter might be limited to a role that sees him use his intellect alongside Doctor Strange in New York, instead of slinging webs against Thanos.

Who is in the Hulkbuster suit?

We see Tony in space. We see Tony in New York. But at no point do we see him in Wakanda. However, we know that the Hulkbuster armor is present and in action in the African nation. But if Tony is not in the suit, who is?

Well, believe it or not, it could actually be Bruce Banner! We see him standing by the arm of the suit early in the trailer. Given Bruce may be reluctant to go full Hulk upon his return to Earth, giving him another option to join the fight would make sense.

Where are Hawkeye and Antman? 

The last we saw Hawkeye and Antman, Captain America broke them out of the Raft prison. As a result, they are both men on the run. Other “fugitives” of the law include Falcon, Scarlet Witch, and Cap himself, all of whom we get a glimpse of in this trailer. It appears most of team Cap that does appear here, will be present in Wakanda, with the exception of Scarlet Witch.

So where does that leave Hawkeye and Antman? If they were in Wakanda, they probably would have shown up at least briefly here. Let the speculation begin.

Which stone is in Wakanda?

One thing we know about Avengers: Infinity War is that Thanos is going to be on the hunt for the six Infinity Stones. Given all the action going on in Wakanda, it seems like a safe bet that one of them will be there. The obvious choice is the Soul Stone, as it has yet to be introduced. Given we will get the Black Panther film in February, Wakanda is a likely home for the Soul Stone.

However, there is the possibility that it is the Reality Stone. The last we saw that stone, it was in the hands of the Collector. While it is unlikely that he would sell such a precious item, that is his claim. At least according to the leaked scene where a character, many speculate to be Thanos, seem to be doing the interrogation.

Does the Time Stone not affect Tony? 

Speaking of the Infinity Stones, this one really bothers me. There is a clip of Tony Stark in New York removing his glasses. As he does so, he walks towards the camera. As he does so, the likes of Bruce Banner, Doctor Strange, and Wong appear frozen in time behind him. This begs the question, is the Time Stone in play here? If so, why would it not affect Tony, while Doctor Strange is?

What order will Thanos retrieve all the stones?

We know at some point, Thanos is going to retrieve all six stones. In the trailer, it seems he will have the Power Stone first, followed by the Space Stone. He may also have the Time Stone, but we cannot confirm thanks to clever editing.

But that leaves three more stones. The big Wakanda battle will likely retrieve one of those. Another will be ripped from the head of Vision. And the final one probably will come during a battle in space. With a film so big, we simply have no way of knowing how this film will progress. Will the Wakanda battle be the film’s climactic battle? Will the writers “kill” Vision at the end of the film? So many possibilities.

Where does Scarlet Witch fit into the picture?

Scarlet Witch broke out of prison at the end of Captain America: Civil War. At the end of the same film, Vision was still a member of the Avengers, but likely feeling guilt over critically injuring War Machine. Yet here, we see the two together in an apartment. Are they both in hiding?

If they are off living their own lives, trying to put their superhero days behind them, where does Scarlet Witch go after Vision has the Mind Stone stripped from his head? She does not appear present in any of the big battle sequences of the trailer. So could she go out on her own to save Vision?

Has Cap been hiding out in Wakanda this whole time?

Clearly, Cap is trying to separate himself from his old life. He is rocking the full beard. He is hiding in the shadows. And he is without his shield. Given his best friend is on ice so to speak in Wakanda, why wouldn’t he hang around while he lies low?

The better question, where would he go if he hasn’t been in Wakanda this whole time? Even better question, if he is in Wakanda, will he cameo in Black Panther?

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Questions are sure to be plentiful between now and May of 2018. What questions do you have about Avengers: Infinity War? Tell us in the comments!


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