After Justice League, What’s next for Superman

Now that Justice League has been in theaters for a few weeks, we can’t help but speculate what is next for the DCEU. Two weeks and seemingly another rocky start later the film seems to be loved by fans and hated by critics, again. So does the studio continue to pivot on their original plans for each character or can we finally get some continuity out of these once beloved characters?

If you haven’t watched Justice League yet, there will be spoilers ahead so please stop here.


Outmatched by Steppenwolf, the team turns to a gone but not forgotten friend, Superman. Zombie Clark is brought back from the dead to help in the mounting threat from their adversary. Although briefly disoriented with his return, we finally see a side of the fan favorite character fans have longed for. Superman returns as the beacon of hope, a central theme throughout the entire Justice League film.

Now the real question is, is this the version the studio hopes to anchor down with or will they eventually turn back to the dark and brooding Clark. Before his death Superman wasn’t just an alien in character, he alienated the audience as well. The DCEU version of Superman pushed an out-of-place, lost in the world, almost depressed version of our caped hero. Which worked for a movie and a half, but by the end fans wanted to see the guiding light, save the day, boy scout character they’d grown to loved.

With Man of Steel 2 on the horizon, Warner Bros and the DCEU have a very important decision to make. Justice League was supposed to intensify the worlds need for hope. When hope dies the world is a dark and desperate place. This was the picture Zac Snyder was hoping to paint with his characters. Without the blatant smack you in the face with the obvious style most critics have come accustomed to, a lot of sentiment was lost in the films.

Now, going forward they’ll have to decide, find ways to paint the characters in a realistic light. Do they continue to show Superman with relatable struggles of the every day man, or bring the crowd pleasing, happy-go-lucky, do right in to satisfy critics? Hopefully, for the sake of fans, we get the somewhere between the two. Fans don’t always need the “gee-golly” lighter tone, but also don’t want need the polar opposite from the comic counter part. If the DCEU is going to succeed with Superman going forward, the audience needs to see hopeful Superman just as much as they need to see vulnerable Clark Kent.

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